Sex with a tuned blonde shows their ass and asks them to fuck her perversely

Sex with a tuned blonde shows their ass and asks them to fuck her perversely

After leaving Paul, she walked out to the car with a bounce in her step, even though her ass was on fire. Without thinking, Brandy flopped down on the car seat and squealed as pain rushed through her body. She could not wait to get home and call her best friend Marti, who had given her the contact.At home, Brandy ran a warm bath and climbed in. Once settled, she picked up her cell phone and punched in Marti’s number.Marti answered on the second ring and Brandy said, “Girlfriend, you were so right.”Marti squealed so loud Brandy had to hold the phone away from her ear.“I cannot believe it. You actually called Paul. How was it? Was it as exciting sexually as I told you?”“Yes, and I had the whole package,” Brandy bragged.“You had sex with him? Was he a good fuck?”“Fantastic, with thick cock at least a seven-inches long. Now I'm soaking in the tub and going to relive the day.”Brandy clicked off and thought back to the day Marti had given her Paul’s number. It was the Tuesday after the long Fourth of July weekend and Marti was in an unusually good mood at work. At lunch, Brandy had asked what had put her in such a good mood and Marti said that she'd her ultimate fantasy fulfilled. Marti was married so Brandy figured that her husband had finally quit being a stick-in-the-mud when it came to sex and told her so. Marti had giggled and confessed that it was not her husband but a man named Paul. Marti scribbled his name and phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to Brandy, telling her to call him. She was aware that Brandy had the same fantasy -- to be spanked.It had taken Brandy five days to get up the courage to call and she was glad she had. It was the best experience she'd ever had and the sex was incredible.When she got to work on Monday, Marti was waiting for her in her cubicle.“When is your next appointment?” Marti asked excitedly“Keep your voice down,” Brandy said. “I haven’t made another appointment and I'm not sure if I will.”“Let’s see if he will take both of us together,” Marti suggestedBrandy looked at her with wide eyes, her mouth slightly open. “No way am I going to have my ass spanked in front of my friend. Nor do I want to see my best friend getting spanked,” she said quietly. “Now, no more talk of this, especially at work.”On Friday, Marti went into Brandy’s cubicle at the end of the day and said, “My husband is going out of town on business this weekend and I have booked us for noon on Saturday with Paul.”“Oh my God, Marti, I said no. Do you not understand what the word means,” she said, her face turning red. “You will just have to cancel my spot.”“Sorry, no refunds,” Marti said. “I will pick you up at eleven. You know what to wear. And Paul said he would punish us in separate rooms but, if we change our minds, he will spank us in the same room and give us blindfolds so we can hear the punishment but not see. That is such a turn on, picturing you getting your ass spanked.”“Damn it, Marti, I said no discussing this at work. I don't care to be the butt of jokes around the water cooler.”Marti made a sign of locking her lips and throwing away the key. Brandy laughed and gave her best friend a hug before they headed down to the parking garage. As they got to Brandy’s car, Marti said, “Don’t forget, tomorrow at eleven. I'm getting horny thinking about it.”Brandy started to argue with her again but then thought, 'Why the hell not?' She'd shared a lot during her friendship with Marti, so why not this? At least they would be wearing a blindfold and would only hear and not see each other having their asses spanked. Now that she thought about it, she found herself getting horny.“Okay, you win,” Brandy said, raising her hands up in defeat. “But, just this one time. Hear me?”Marti gave her the thumbs up and went to her car.The next morning, Brandy almost changed her mind several times but decided to go. A few minutes after eleven, Marti tooted her horn. Brandy took a deep breath and went out to the car. Both were dressed in sensible navy skirts that reached their knees, light-blue button-down shirts, plain white panties, and white lacy bras. They wore flats but no panty hose. All too soon it seemed to Brandy that they were pulling up at Paul’s home. After parking, they walked to the door, trembling with lust and excitement.When Paul opened the door to their knock, he waved them inside and they put their purses on the hall table.“Well ladies, have you decided whether it will be separate spanking or together complete with blindfolds?”They looked at each other and before Brandy could speak, Marti said, “Together.”Brandy didn't have a chance to change her mind as Paul handed them each a blindfold and led them, one at a time, into a large room at the back of the house. He left Marti standing on the left of the room and Brandy on the right while he got things ready. He hadn't been sure which option they would choose. Because this was their second time, he decided to make this spanking a little harder, using a different implement.Picking up a sma
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ll riding crop, he went first to Brandy and had her bend forward, hands on her knees. He flipped up her skirt, exposing her ass. Paul raised the riding crop and brought it down on her ass three times. Brandy gave a little squeal at the sting it brought to her ass. Hearing her friend squeal, Marti wet her panties a little. Paul walked to Marti and did the same to her. He gave each of them another three on their upper thighs. Having warmed them up, it was time for their real spanking.Looking from one to the other, Paul took Marti’s hand and led her over to a chair. Sitting down, he pulled her over his lap. “What type?” he whispered softly“Make me cry,” Marti whispered.Paul looked at the different spanking implements on the table beside him. They included a hairbrush, paddle, ruler, and a thin switch. He decided that he would start with his hand. Flipping up her skirt, he brought his hand down hard on first one cheek, then the other, for a total of twenty times. He moved to her upper thighs, which he smacked with the ruler several times. Pulling her panties down, he rubbed her red cheeks, shocking her by running a finger up the crack of her ass, then just inside her slit, barely brushing her clit with the tip of his finger.Before she could protest, he brought the paddle down on her seat area, causing her to squeal and try to get off his lap. Paul tightened his grip on her waist and brought the paddle down four more times. Laying it aside, he again teased her pussy by rubbing the palm of his hand against her slit. He stopped, helped her to her feet and pulled up her panties. Taking her by the arm, he led her back to her side of the room. There, by the wall, was a balance beam with padding on top. He bent Marti over it, raised her skirt and lowered her panties.“Do not move or you will be back over my knee,” Paul warned and went to Brandy.He led her over to the chair, sat down, and pulled Brandy over his lap. He also asked her what type of spanking she wanted and her answer was the same as Marti’s. He flipped up her skirt and administered the same twenty spanks with his hand to her ass. Instead of the ruler, Paul used the paddle on her upper thighs and seat area. Before he pulled her panties down, he rubbed her slit through her panties.“Does my spanking of you turn you on, or was it hearing your friend getting her ass spanked that did it?” Paul asked softly as he slid a finger inside the crouch of her panties, feeling her wet slit.Paul pulled his hand out and yanked her panties down. Giving her five spanks with the hair brush had Brandy squealing and trying to get away. Paul stood her on her feet, pulled up her panties, and took her over to the other end of the balance beam. Flipping up her skirt, Paul pulled down her panties. He stood back, admiring his work on the behinds of these two lovely ladies and found himself getting hard. He wished that they had bought the entire package but neither had. Although it was not part of the deal, Paul decided that he would bring each of them off after their switching.Picking up the switch, he flicked it in the air a couple of times, and then landed the next one across Marti’s ass. She hollered and reached back to cover her ass.“Do you want back over my knee?” he asked. “If not, move those hands.”Marti reluctantly removed her hands and gripped the balance beam padding. Paul flicked the switch against her ass and upper thighs three more times. He went to Brandy, who had heard Marti holler and she was also holding tight to the padding. He gave her the same as he had given Marti and then he laid the switch back on the table.Paul moved Brandy closer to Marti, putting himself between them. “You took your spankings rather well so now you will get a treat.” Paul reached over and inserted a thumb into each pussy, and found their clit. He pinched and rubbed their clits hard with his thumb while fucking them with four fingers.Brandy felt her pussy begin to throb and her juices start to flow. Forgetting that Marti was in the room, Brandy started to pant and yelled, “Fuck me, Paul,” bucking wildly as her orgasm started to build. When Brandy reached the pinnacle, she screamed, her body twitched and throbbed as the intense orgasm ripped through her pussy, clit, and breasts, making her entire body feel electrified.Marti was shocked at the feelings surging through her body, feelings that her husband had never made her feel in the five years they'd been married. She started to rock her hips back and forth and moan as she soared to the top of the mountain, the muscles in her cunt gripping Paul’s fingers. Marti had her own orgasm at almost the same time as Brandy but she was quieter as her release flowed over her body, gushing her juices over Paul’s hand.After they came down from their orgasmic high, Paul pulled up their panties and took them, one at a time, back to the entrance hall. He took off their blindfolds, kissed both women on a cheek, and ushered them out the door. He had a hard on and was anxious to wank while tasting and smelling Marti’s juices that covered his hand.  

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