He wipes her pussy well and then puts his whole hand in her pussy

He wipes her pussy well and then puts his whole hand in her pussy

I couldn’t believe what just happened.  I was at a party with my best friend Alicia, when she announced to everyone my neat little trick.  After showing everyone that I could tie a cherry stem into a double knot with just my tongue, I attracted the attention of three guys.  Scott who was the ring master, got me all worked up while I was dancing with him and his two friends, Brian and John.  Next thing I know, I was the center of attention as Alicia seduced me into giving Scott a blowjob.  Once Scott came in my mouth, Alicia took photos of me and ordered me to swallow Scott’s cum. I had just licked up Scott’s cum off of my fingers when Alicia said, “Okay, who is next for this cum thirsty cherry stem slut?”Several guys and a few ladies lined up for a chance with the cherry stem girl.  Brian was the first one to drop his pants and underwear.  I looked at Alicia in total disbelief as an impish grin formed on her face and her hand made its way to my panty covered pussy.  She started rubbing oh so sensually until a moan escaped my lips.  She knew that I was hers to do whatever she pleased.  Never in my wildest fantasies or dreams did I ever once think about a situation as this one.  It was increasingly obvious to all those involved that my best friend was totally in control of me.  Alicia managed to sneak a finger or two under my panties and into my swollen flower.  As she rubbed higher to where my clitoris is located, she bent her two fingers inside me to my g spot.  She took her time, which caused pressure to build inside of me.  I started to lean over to kiss Alicia as I was on the verge of orgasm.  I wanted her really bad.  She put me on the edge and then abruptly took her fingers out and dodged my kiss.  I felt her lips brush my ear which caused me to moan.  I felt a shiver go down my spine as I felt her breath on my ear.  With a sexy little whisper she said, “I knew I could turn little miss prude into a cum loving slut.”  She left me there with Brian’s cock just inches from my face and proceeded to get in the growing line of party goers that wanted to experience the cherry stem girl.I came back to reality when Brian looked at me and said a little rudely, “I thought I’d never get a chance to experience that tongue of yours, now open your mouth wide for me.”Brian was not going to waste any time with me.  There was no gentle start to what he wanted.  He grabbed me by the back of my head, and forced his already swollen cock into my open mouth.  Shocked, I tried to back out of his grip, but he was just too strong.  He didn’t care one single bit about me, just his own primal needs.  It was the need to fuck my mouth as if it were a pussy to conquer.  He was a little longer than Scott, but also a little thinner.  Each thrust of his cock into my mouth went a little deeper and deeper.  Eventually, he got his cock all the way inside my mouth, and I would gag when he started to pull it out for the next thrust.  Brian must have liked the vibration from the gagging, as he kept doing it.  On one of his thrusts, he had me all the way to the base of his cock.  But, instead of sliding back out, he held me there.At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal, but when I tried to breathe and realized I couldn’t, I tried to push his pelvis away from my face.  This only encouraged him to hold my head even tighter to him.  Tears started to come out of my eyes as I struggled to take in a breath.  Each tear slowly made its way down my cheek and finally down my neck.  I was on the verge of passing out when Brian finally pulled his cock from my throat.  I was gagging and coughing up spit as I tried desperately to catch my breath.  A loud cheer went up when he pulled his dick out of my mouth and long strings of saliva bridged my mouth to the hardened shaft of his cock.  He stroked his cock a few times, and without warning, he started to shoot his load onto me. The first spurt hit me smack in the right eye and right cheek.  A cheer erupted when his over exaggerated grunt occurred as his first spurt hit me.  The next spurt went from my forehead to my nose.  His third spurt went into my open mouth, and his fourth and final spurt landed between my mouth and chin.  If I wasn’t one hot mess after Scott has his way with me, I definitely was a hot mess now.  Brian’s cum was dripping from my face onto my blouse, and my mascara now had trails going down my cheeks and neck.As soon as Brian was done with me, John took his cock out and stuck it in my mouth.  He was way more kind to me which made me want to please him.  He smiled at the pleasant surprise as I voluntarily bobbed my head up and down on his cock, and my tongue did its magic to the tip.  He was so focused on the pleasure he was receiving, that he started thrusting in and out of my mouth.  I really wanted to keep him on edge for as long as possible, but I guess my tongue did a number on him.  He announced very loudly that he was going to come.  By now, I had resigned myself that I should no longer fight this event, but enjoy what I could of it.  Since my tongue talent was the hit of the party, I decided that my tongue will be out for all to see.  I backed off of John’s cock just enough to stick my tongue out.  Next, I rested the tip of his cock on top
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of my tongue.  Now everyone around me could see John’s orgasm.Finally, John’s cock jerked.  A nice creamy shot of salty sweet cream landed on my tongue.  Another jerk, and more cream landed on my mouth.  I tipped my head back just enough to have John’s cum slide into my mouth as the third pulse of his cock shot more of his nice creamy load onto my tongue.  Three more increasingly smaller shots of cream on my tongue and he was done.  I played with the cum on my tongue and in my mouth.  I let people take photos of me and all of the fun cum tricks I was trying to do with my tongue.  Eventually, I swallowed all but a small amount.  I stood up and kissed John on the lips.  I think I surprised him as he opened his mouth.  It was the perfect opportunity.  I slid my tongue and the remaining cum in my mouth into his.  He was shocked at first, but then a smile came across his face.  We continued to make out until Alicia tapped my shoulder.“Okay, my little cherry stem slut.  It is time for more tongue play.”Alicia pushed me all the way to the ground, such that I was laying on my back.  Some gorgeous girl that I never met already had her skirt and panties removed.  All that she was wearing were a pair of very sexy lace thigh high stockings, and a sexy little halter top.  If I didn’t know any better, she was definitely looking a lot like a sexy Daisy Duke.  This girl stood over my head and slowly lowered herself toward my face.  I had never tasted a female, not even my own, so I didn’t know what to expect.  She hovered her pussy just above my mouth.  Not really sure what I needed to do, I tentatively stuck my tongue out and lifted my head a little until my tongue started to part her lips.  A moan escaped from the female on top, so I knew she liked first contact.  With more confidence, I slowly explored the folds of her pussy with my tongue.  After several licks, I finally closed my mouth so I could get a good taste of her juices.  It was a little pungent, yet there was something about it that I liked.  Not really sure what it was about the taste of her nectar, but I was definitely game to have my tongue work its magic on her.It seemed like the girl above me knew my neck was starting to get tired. She lowered herself so that my head could rest comfortably on the floor.  Her legs now straddled my head, which made it very easy to give her pleasure with my tongue.  I continued to slowly explore the folds of her beautiful flower, each sensual lick causing her to moan.  Each lick of her folds brought me closer and closer to her clitoris.  Once my tongue touched her clitoris, it felt like an electric shock went from my tongue through her body.  A small spasm of her pelvis moved her pussy across my tongue.  I paused long enough to look at her body and then to her face.  I caught her closing her eyes and throwing her head back.  It was that moment that I realized how stunningly sexy she was.  I desperately wanted to please her, so I continued focusing on her clitoris with my tongue.  As more moans escaped her mouth, the crowd around us cheered.I started to change my technique on her clitoris from licking, to flicking, to humming so my tongue would vibrate on her love button.  She looked down at me with a real sexy smile, and blew me a kiss.  Her hand made its way to the top of my head, and she started to rock back and forth over my face with her pussy.  She was becoming increasingly wet, so I knew I was doing something right.  I kept working on her button until she said, “Oh god!  Your tongue is amazing!”I responded to her compliment with more tongue work.  As juices really started to flow out of her flower, the taste of her went from a slightly pungent flavor to that of sweet nectar.  I was hooked. “Oh baby, I am going to cum!  Keep that tongue go…  Oh…  Oh my gggaaawwwddd!!!  Ahhhh!!!  Oh Shiiiii!!!  I’m cummmmmmiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!”As cheers from the crowd erupted, so did the girl on my face.  The volume of nectar flowing from her was way more than I ever experienced with my own orgasms.  She was squirting her juices all over my face.  What seemed like minutes, she finally calmed down and looked at me.  It was clear her legs were like jelly as she had difficulty lifting her leg over my face.  Once she was kneeling to my right, she placed her hand to the back of my head, and gently lifted my head up.  I took that queue and sat up so we were eye to eye.  I gazed into her beautiful blue eyes and suddenly we shared a kiss.  I never imagined that I would make love to another woman.  I never imagined that I would like the taste of another woman.  But most of all, I never thought I would see myself falling in love with a woman.  That is, until now.We shared many passionate kisses which drove the party crazy.  I didn’t care.  I was focused on her and that I didn’t want this moment to end.  Sadly, she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Whoever you fall in love with, they will be one lucky person.”I wanted to tell her that I wanted to fall in love with her, but she never gave me that chance.  She stood up and walked away.  A saddened and dejected look formed on my face.  I wanted to cry as I watched her disappear into the crowd.  I would never see her again.-To be continued- 

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