Perfect Xxx With A Dancer Giving From Her Bulging Ass

Perfect Xxx With A Dancer Giving From Her Bulging Ass

Doug Miller and I grew up in the same suburban neighborhood.  We went to school together, joined the Boy Scouts, and spent much of our free time with one another.  Doug and I doubled the night of our senior prom, taking two of the girls we knew from school.I invited Sue Walker, and Doug took Karen Silverman.  The four of us had a great time at the dance.  After the prom, we parked and made out with our respective dates.  When we took the girls home, Doug and I were still virgins.“How did it go with Sue, Matt?” Doug asked after we dropped her and Karen off at Karen’s house.I laughed and said, “It was okay, but not what I planned.  I was hoping Sue would do more than kiss and let me feel her tit through her dress.”“You didn’t get any further than I did, Matt.  Karen did say she would like to go out again.  Did you ask Sue if she wanted to date?” Doug said.“No.  I’ll talk to Sue at school.  Maybe we can double and take them to the show or something,” I said.Doug and I agreed to ask the two girls out again.  After I took my best friend to his house, I went to mine.  Everyone was in bed when I walked into the dark living room, so I tried to keep quiet as I made my way to my bedroom.  After removing my rented tux, I crawled into bed.Stretching out on my back, I replayed the evening.  I thought about kissing Sue and touching her tit.  In reality, Sue was less than impressed when I covered her breast with my hand.  She removed it several times, telling me she did want me to feel her up.  I relented and spent the remainder of the night kissing her.As I thought about our encounter, I put my hand on my hard cock, rubbing it through my underwear.  After a few moments, I pulled my dick out so I could stroke it properly.  The idea of future dates and getting into Sue’s pants fueled my excitement.  After about fifteen minutes of steadily jacking my cock, I sent cum into the air.  My semen cascaded down, coating my hand, cock, and stomach.I continued fondling myself as I recovered from my self induced pleasure.  A few minutes later, I got up to clean the mess.Doug and I took Sue and Karen out a few times during the last two months of our senior year.  Like the night of the prom, the girls rebuffed most of our advances.  When Doug and I talked after our dates, we shared our experiences.  He told me Karen would let him feel her tits, but no more.  I let him know I was getting the same from Sue.  The two girls were best friends, as were Doug and I.  We decided they talked about what they did with us and what they wouldn’t do.In June, we received our diplomas and became the graduating class of nineteen-seventy-seven.  Doug and I went to several parties, with and without the girls.  Because the drinking age was eighteen, there was always beer and booze at the parties.  On more than one occasion, I overindulged and got drunk.  After a couple of nights of hugging the toilet, I decided to control my drinking.Doug and I continued dating Karen and Sue.  After the graduation parties died down, we started going to some of the clubs.  I always controlled the amount I drank so I wouldn’t be too drunk to drive.  After the clubs, we’d park and make out with the girls.  Sue had relaxed and allowed me to get my hand under her shirt and under her bra several times.One night, Karen and Sue told Doug and me they were going away for college.  They said we could continue to date until they left in August.  Doug and I let them know we were starting our jobs as apprentice carpenters and staying in our hometown.On the night of our last dates before Sue and Karen left for Ohio, we went to a club.  We danced, drank, and had a good time.  After the bar, we parked.  Doug and I hoped the girls would let us fuck them before they left for college, but our plans didn’t come to fruition.Before they moved, Karen and Sue told Doug and me they’d stay in touch.  The girls told us they enjoyed dating us, and we would get together when they came home for breaks.“It looks like we need to find new girls,” I said as Doug and I rode to work.  It was several days since our last date with Sue and Karen.  The two girls had left home for college.Laughing, Doug said, “No shit!  This time we need to find chicks who aren’t lesbians.”“What?  Sue and Karen aren’t lesbians,” I said.“Maybe not full-blown, but I found out they’re into each other.  That’s why we never got past second base with them,” Doug said.“That’s bullshit!” I said.“Not if what my cousin Kim says is true.  She told me Sue and Karen have been getting it on for several years.  Kim knows them pretty well,” Doug said.  “I guess they’re bisexual because they went out with us.”I pulled into the union apprentice school's parking lot, shut off my car, and looked at Doug.  He grinned and said, “Kim said she was at one of the graduation parties and saw Karen and Sue making out.”Shaking my head, I laughed and said, “Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?  One night while we parked, I put Sue’s hand on my cock.  She jerked her arm back and told me never to do it again.”“Karen bit my tongue when I tried to touch her pussy,” Doug said as we laughed.Doug and I headed into the building for our class.  After school, we went out to eat and make plans for the weekend.  We talked about several of the area clubs, deciding which one offered the best odds of finding girls.On Friday night, I picked Doug up, and we headed out.  We went to one of the clubs, went inside, and ordered beers.  Standing at the bar, we scanned the room, looking for girls we would like to ask to dance.  I led Doug to a table with several girls.  We started talking with them, then I asked one to dance.  When she said no, Doug and I left the table to hunt for someone else.After several hours, a few beers, and endless refusals from the girls at the club, I told Doug we should leave and try another place.  He agreed, so we finished our beers and left.As I drove, Doug said, “Listen.  I scored a dime-bag today.  Do you want to grab a twelve-pack, go to my house, and get buzzed?  My parents are out of town for the weekend.”I thought for a moment, realizing our prospects for meeting anyone were dim.  “Sure, why not?”I stopped at a store to get the beer.  We went to Doug’s house and sat outside to smoke a couple of joints.  At about midnight, we went inside to watch television.“Your pot is some good shit, Doug.  I’ve got a great buzz going,” I said as we sat on the couch in the living room.“Yeah, I’m buzzing too,” Doug said.We watched one of the late-night talk shows, laughing at the jokes.  Doug went to the kitchen to get us cold beers, then came back to the living room.  When he sat on the couch, he was closer than before.  I noticed he was fidgety as he sipped from his bottle.  After a few minutes, Doug put his beer down and began rolling a joint.“Let’s go outside and spark this joint,” Doug said as he held it up.“Sounds good,” I said as I followed him out the backdoor.We smoked the joint, then went back to the living room.  Sitting on the couch, we drank our beers while watching television.  Doug put his bottle on the coffee table, leaned his head back, and sighed.“Are you okay?” I said.  I knew we were buzzed, but I didn’t feel we were too fucked up.“Yeah, I’m fine, Matt.  Just thinking about Sue and Karen.  Even though we didn’t get too far with them, it was fun dating the girls.”“I agree, it was fun.  I wish I’d have known about them before we spend a ton of money trying to get laid,” I said, then I laughed.  “Oh well, I guess we’ll have to find other girls to get us off.  Doing it myself is getting old.”Smiling, Doug lifted his head and looked at me.  He took a deep breath, then picked up his beer.  After drinking what was in the bottle, he put the empty down.“Matt, you know you’re my best friend, don’t you?” Doug said.“Yes, and you’re my best friend.  What’s up, Doug?” I said.“I don’t know how to say this, but I have to.  I know I risk losing my best friend, but I can’t hold it in any longer.”  Doug put his hand on my shoulder.  “Matt, I have feelings for you.”I sat in a state of shock as I gazed into my best friend's eyes.  Doug’s expression was one of fear.  Not sure what he meant by his confusion, I nodded.“What are you trying to tell me, Doug?” I said.Moving his hand from my shoulder to the back of my head, Doug leaned closer.  He blinked a couple of times, then he pressed his lips to mine.  I stiffened as my best friend kissed me.  It wasn’t a peck. Instead, it was a kiss filled with passion.  When I didn’t pull away, Doug softened his mouth and moved against mine.Pulling his head back, Doug moved his hand from the back of my head.   He stared at me for a moment, then said, “I’m so sorry, Matt.”As I watched Doug’s face, I could tell he was upset.  My mind reeled as I digested what happened.  Never had I thought of doing anything with another guy, let alone my best friend.  As I replayed his tender kiss, I realized that although it should have repulsed me, it didn’t.  In a matter of a few moments, I had to decide what to do.My first thought was to shake it off and blame it on the beer and pot.  Should I get up and leave?  Should I yell at Doug, telling him I wasn’t into guys?As I contemplated what to do, I wondered why I wasn’t pissed off at Doug.  Why didn’t his kiss turn me off?  Was I willing to end a nearly lifelong friendship because Doug was able to gather enough courage to tell me his feelings?  It was clear my friend felt scared and conflicted, as did I.I remembered learning about Sue and Karen and how they shared a relationship with each other and with Doug and me.  Did I find the idea of bisexuality so obscure I would end my friendship?Deciding the only way for me to resolve my feelings was to explore them freely.  I put my hand on Doug’s cheek, leaned in, and kissed him, doing my best to show the same passion as he did when he kissed me.  It felt as if time stood still as we kissed each other again.  Doug wrapped his arms around me as I did the same to him.  When he parted his lips, I relaxed so his tongue could slip into my mouth.The longer we held our kiss, the more excited I became.  Throwing caution to the wind, I moved my hand over Doug’s back, rubbing him.  He moaned into my mouth as he ran his hand over my side.  A few moments later, we broke our kiss.  Doug rested his head against my shoulder, holding me firmly.“Please don’t hate me, Matt.  Thank you for this.  I’ll understand if you want to leave now,” Doug said.“How long have you felt this way?” I asked.I felt Doug shrug his shoulders.  “It’s been a while, a long while, I guess.”“Why didn’t you say something before?” I said.“As I said, I was afraid of losing my best friend.  I was going to continue keeping my feelings hidden, but I just couldn’t.  I have never felt any attraction to a guy before, Matt.  Only you,” Doug said.Doug and I continued hugging as we sat on the couch.  He kept his head buried against my shoulder, not making eye contact with me.  I was aware of his hand, gently stroking me as we held one another.  Ever since we became friends, Doug and I had always supported each other.  In all the years, we never had a falling out.  We had other friends come in and out of our lives, but our friendship never wavered.  I felt it was our strong bond that prevented me from bolting.  The longer I thought about everything, the clearer my feelings became.Doug broke the silence when he said, “So, now what?”I felt Doug’s question was fair.  I wondered what we would do now that Doug confessed his feelings.  Would it end here with us returning to the way things used to be?  How could they?  How could we act as if nothing happened between us?  There was no way I could simply ignore the tender kisses or how they made me feel.  In the past, Doug and I were always able to find common ground when it came to deciding what we wanted to do.  He would offer an idea, and we’d talk, then usually try.  It was the same when I wanted to try something new.“You know we’ve always been able to come to a mutual agreement when we wanted to try something new.  We didn’t always agree, but we did find a solution when we needed to.  I don’t see how this is much different, Doug.  I think we should see where things go and work out the details along the way,” I said.I felt Doug nod his head.  He pulled back, looked into my eyes, and smiled as we came together, our mouths and tongues seeking each other.  Our kisses heated, and our hands began roaming, stroking each other’s bodies.  When Doug’s hand moved from my side to my leg, then my crotch, I didn’t flinch.For the first time in my life, someone other than me was rubbing my cock.  It didn’t matter if it was a guy’s hand touching me.  It felt amazing.  Moaning into Doug’s mouth, I spread my legs to give him access.  Feeling it was only fair, I put my hand between his legs.  Doug shifted as I used my palm to rub his erection.Doug began unfastening my jeans while we maintained our kissing.  I felt my pants open then he tugged at the waistband.  Lifting my ass, I let my friend work then down my legs.  Doug removed his mouth from mine and looked down as he wrapped his hand around my cock.For the next few minutes, we watched as Doug stroked my cock.  He ran his thumb over the head, smearing my pre-cum over my glans.  Doug didn’t stop jacking my cock as he looked up into my eyes.“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted t
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o do this, Matt.  I think I became infatuated with your cock the first time I saw it when we showered for PE,” Doug said.Not knowing how to respond, I nodded.  The longer Doug stroked me, the more comfortable I became with the idea another male was doing it to me.  When he leaned over and covered my cock-head with his mouth, I gasped.  I thought about getting a blowjob when I masturbated.  The actual feeling paled in comparison.When Doug began bobbing his head, taking as much of my six-inch cock as he could, I let out a groan.  Together, we managed to get my jeans down my legs and off while he kept me in his mouth.  Shifting on the couch, I leaned back as Doug moved between my legs.  He glanced up, locking his eyes with mine.  I moved a hand to his head, running my fingers through his hair as he continued the up and down motion.  Doug began fondling my balls and moaning around my throbbing dick.When I felt my orgasm approaching, I warned Doug.  He just nodded as he continued sucking my cock and bobbing his head.  My semen shot into his mouth, causing him to jerk, but Doug never removed his mouth.  Once the surging stopped, I felt his tongue stroking my cock.  He lifted his head, closed his eyes, and swallowed my cum.I remained reclined as I tried to regain my composure.  I had never come as hard in my life.  Doug stared into my eyes as he licked his lips.  I felt he was trying to judge my reaction to what he’d done.  Not knowing what else to do, I pulled Doug up over my half-naked body, held his face between my hands, and kissed him.  As I pushed my tongue into his mouth, I could taste the remnants of my semen.  I didn’t feel the least bit repulsed as our tongues flicked together.  While kissing, I rubbed Doug’s back, moving my hands to his ass.  He wiggled against me, and even though his jeans, I could feel his hard cock.Hugging my friend, I rolled us over.  I pulled back, gazed into Doug’s eyes, and reached for his belt.  Doug began stopping me, but I pushed his hands away and worked his pants open.  I pulled his jeans and underwear down, exposing his genitals.  As he finished removing his pants, I took my shirt off, then helped Doug remove his shirt.Up to that point, I rode an emotional rollercoaster.  Now, I was focused and knew what I wanted.  Without any hesitation, I curled my fingers around Doug’s rigid cock.  His member was about the same size as my cock in both length and girth.  I couldn’t take my eyes off my hand as I moved my fist up and down his shaft.  Kneeling between his splayed legs, I used my other hand to cradle his testicles.I bent at my waist, extended my tongue, and licked the length of Doug’s cock from the base to the mushroom-shaped head.  I kissed his glans, feeling the rubbery texture against my lips.  Opening my mouth, I lowered my head, taking his dick into my mouth.  The feeling of his cock sliding over my tongue and against the roof of my mouth excited me.  Never in my life would I have thought I’d enjoy the feeling of sucking a cock as much as I was at the moment.  Up until then, the idea didn’t cross my mind.  Yet, there I was with Doug’s hard dick in my mouth.I decided to complete what I started and began moving my head up and down.  When I applied suction and made a slurping sound, Doug moaned.  He held my head, guiding me up and down his dick as I rolled his nuts in the palm of my hand.  The longer I sucked his cock, the more I realized nothing was repulsive about the intimate act.  After a few minutes, I relaxed my jaw, letting Doug’s cock rest in my mouth.Casting my eyes up, I saw the smile on Doug’s face.  He ran his fingers through my hair as I rubbed the shaft of his cock with my tongue.  Moaning, I resumed bobbing my head up and down.  Each time I lowered my head, I felt his cock go deeper into my mouth.  On one of my down-strokes, I felt Doug’s cock enter my throat.  I felt my gag reflex kick in, but the feeling soon passed, so the next time I took him into my throat, I rubbed his balls against my chin.“Matt, I’m going to come,” Doug said as I slurped on his dick.Moaning around his rigid shaft, I nodded.  Doug’s legs quivered as his cock swelled in my mouth.  I readied myself for what I knew was coming as Doug’s moans increased, and he moved his hips.  When the first spurt of cum shot into my mouth, I felt my stomach turn.  It was all I could do to fight the urge to gag and remove my mouth.  As the next surge of semen coated my tongue and the inside of my mouth, the feeling I was about to choke passed.Once Doug’s cock stopped throbbing and filling my mouth with his cum, I lifted my head, letting his dick pull out.  I rolled his spend around the inside of my mouth before swallowing.  As I regained my composure, I moved up to lay next to Doug.  He pulled our mouths together, shoved his tongue into my mouth, and kissed me.We broke the tender kiss and hugged each other as the gravity of our sexual encounter played on my mind.  Before my friend’s brave confession, I would have never guessed he harbored the feelings he expressed.  Now, as we cuddled our naked bodies together, I realized that I, too, felt something I’d never felt in the past.  If anyone had told me I would engage in a sexual tryst with another male, it would have prompted a fight.  Yet there I was, enjoying a closeness I’d never experienced before.Neither Doug nor I said anything as we recovered from the whirlwind event.  I thought I should be disgusted with myself, but I wasn’t.  When I reviewed everything, I realized I enjoyed sucking Doug’s cock as much as I did him sucking mine.  The next question popping into my mind was, would I do it again?  The answer was yes.In an effort to lighten the mood, I reached between Doug and me, wrapped my fingers around his dick, and chuckled.“You have a nice cock, Doug,” I said.Laughing, Doug said, “So do you.”  He took a deep breath, adding, “Are we still okay?”Sitting up, I ran my hand over Doug’s leg.  I grinned and said, “Are you kidding?  I just got my first blowjob.”  I chuckled.  “I just gave my first blowjob too.  The fact we shared this is great.”“I was so afraid you’d hate me, Matt.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you’d let me suck your cock, let alone kiss me.  I felt I risked our friendship with my confession,” Doug said.“You didn’t,” I replied with a smile.“I never expected you to suck my cock after I blew you,” Doug said.Nodding, I said, “It seemed fair.  I have to tell you, I loved every moment of it.  When you kissed me, I had no expectations.”Doug put his hand between my legs, rubbing my cock and balls.  “So, would you do it again?”I didn’t hesitate when I said, “Yes.”  Chuckling, I looked at Doug.  “Would you?”Grinning from ear to ear, Doug nodded.“I’m going to have a beer.  Do you want one?” I said.Doug nodded.  He got up, following me to the kitchen.  I took two bottles of beer from the refrigerator and gave him one.  We stood against the counter, drinking our beers.“Look, as much as I’ve enjoyed everything so far and want to explore, you need to know I still want to get laid.  I want to find out what it’s like to have my cock in a girl’s pussy,” I said.“I want to fuck girls too, Matt.”“One other thing, I’m not going to dress in woman’s clothes,” I said.Doug laughed and bumped his shoulder against mine.  “Not even sexy panties?”“I don’t think so,” I said while laughing along with Doug.  “Would you?”Shrugging his shoulders, Doug said, “I would if you wanted me to.”Doug’s statement caught me off guard.  Putting my hand on his shoulder, I said, “Doug, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  Not to please me.  I just want to take it slow and see where this goes.  Okay?”“Sure, sounds good to me,” Doug replied.Doug and I finished our beers and went back to the living room.  He asked if I wanted to spend the night, and I agreed.  We gathered our clothes, went to his bedroom, and climbed into bed.  I stretched out on top of Doug, rubbing my hardening cock against his as we shared kisses.  Before we fell asleep in each other’s arms, I experienced my second blowjob.  Giving and receiving.  I woke up snuggled against Doug’s naked body.  My morning erection pressing against his butt cheeks.  As I reviewed the things my best friend and I experienced together the night before, I found myself completely comfortable with everything.  Moving my hand down Doug’s chest, I ran my fingertips through his wiry pubic hair.  I avoided his hard-on, running my hand to his thigh.  Pulling up, I rubbed his testicles for a moment, then wrapped my fingers around his shaft.Doug woke up, rolling onto his back as I continued stroking his stiff shaft.  When he looked at me, we shared a smile.  He put his hand on my cheek, pulling our mouths together.  Doug and I kissed each other for a moment, then I chuckled.“Good morning, Doug,” I said.“Yeah, good morning.”  Doug took a deep breath.  “Are you still okay with what we did now that you’re sober?”“Yup.  I wasn’t so drunk I didn’t know what I was doing.”“So, where do we go from here?” Doug asked.Releasing Doug’s cock, I said, “I need to take a leak and get a shower.  I also need coffee.”Laughing, Doug nodded.  I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and took care of my over-full bladder.  When I finished pissing, I started the shower.  While I was washing, Doug came in to use the toilet.  Thankfully, he didn’t flush.  I left the water running and got out of the tub so he could get in.After wrapping a towel around my waist, I headed for the kitchen.  Doug had started the electric percolator, and the coffee was brewing.  Leaning against the sink counter, I thought about Doug’s question about where we would go from here.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure.  While I enjoyed everything we did, my feelings were sexual, not romantic.  I didn’t find kissing him uncomfortable, but I liked the blowjobs more.  The truth was, I enjoyed giving as much as receiving.As the percolator finished, I went to find my jeans.  I put them on without underwear, then my tee-shirt.  In the kitchen, I poured coffee into two mugs.  A few moments later, Doug came into the room.There was an uneasy silence as we sat at the table drinking our coffee.  I felt Doug and I had things we needed to discuss, but it seemed neither of us wanted to broach the subject.Smiling, I said, “Well, if we strike out at the clubs, we won’t have to go home frustrated.  Will we?”Laughing, Doug shook his head.  “No, I guess we won’t.  Not if you want me to suck your cock again.”“I still want to find girls, Doug.  Getting off with you is great, but I’d like to try it with someone who has tits and a pussy,” I said.Doug was still laughing when he said, “No more than I do, Matt.  I kind of thought last night would be a one-time thing.  I didn’t know you’d want to do anything again.”I joined my friend’s laughter.  “Neither did I.  Just so you know, I liked sucking your cock as much as I enjoyed you sucking mine.  The kissing is okay, but don’t get pissed if all I want is a blowjob or giving you one.”“No problem.  As you said, we’ll see where things go,” Doug said.  “Are you heading home?  Or do you want to hang around today?”“When are your parents going to be home?” I said.“Tomorrow afternoon,” Doug replied.Doug and I ate breakfast then went to the living room to watch television.  When he sat next to me and put his hand on my leg, I didn’t resist.  I put my arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer.  As we snuggled, Doug kissed my neck but avoided my mouth.It didn’t take long for us to undress and fondle each other.  I found sitting on the couch, stroking each other’s cocks enjoyable.  I was the first to lean over and take my friend’s cock into my mouth.  While sucking his dick, I didn’t feel the urgency I felt the night before.When Doug began moaning and moving his hips, I backed off.  I let him calm down before taking his cock back into my mouth.  He rubbed my back and head as I became familiar with his dick and balls.  After about a half-hour, I sat up.  Doug moved to the floor, knelt between my legs, and took me into his hand.  Neither of us spoke as we continued our exploration.  I watched my friend use his hands and mouth to caress my cock and balls, as I had done to him.Doug continued as he sucked me until I came in his mouth.  He sat on the couch next to me then I knelt between his legs.  When he came, I swallowed his cum.  We engaged in sixty-nine when we went to bed on Saturday night. By the time I went home on Sunday morning, Doug and I blew each other a few times.  While we engaged in kissing, it wasn’t as intense as it was on Friday night.Over the next month, Doug and I went to the clubs, but it seemed neither of us was as focused on finding girls.  The only real problem we had was finding somewhere to be alone.  Having sex in the car wasn’t as nice as when we could use one of our houses.  Unfortunately, there were few opportunities.  One night, while we recovered from sucking each other’s cocks in the car, I suggested we find a place to rent so we could live together.Doug and I made decent wages, so affording a house wasn’t a problem for us.  We started saving as much money as we could.  After telling our parents our plans, they made suggestions on furnishing the two-bedroom house we’d decided to rent.Doug and I finally lost our virginity to a couple of girls, but that’s another story. 

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