The student was fucked by her colleague

The student was fucked by her colleague

I felt the vibration of my iPhone in my flight suit before hearing the sound of it ringing. The screen indicated it was an unknown number. That usually scared the shit out of me as it could only mean somebody was looking for money I owed, the IRS or whatever scary shithead who does not want me to know who he or she might be. Which were calls I often got as, due to my extracurricular activities, my quests were never limited to the single members of the female species only. However, I endeavoured to keep them to a minimum and as such, had only consenting married women in my bed for the past few months. Consenting implied, in principle, that I had the “consent” of the husband whose wife I was drilling at the time. Since I employed the services of a very competent young bookkeeper, who incidentally also featured in a secluded part of my “iblackbook” - as I called it - it could be neither the IRS nor a tracing agent pestering me for money I owed. This left me with a probable scary shithead or possibly an online marketer, trying to enrich me with the latest gadget that costs a fortune and does not work like shown on TV. One of the advantages of being a bachelor is having your own time. You have a phone book loaded with all sorts of pussy. Ready and available at the press of a little green button. Another advantage was not having to share your space with somebody, which could be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Quite recently, a striking young woman was converging closer to me than would have been otherwise comfortable. One morning, when I stepped into the shower, I observed the rows of bottles of shampoos, conditioners and razors lining the spaces normally void of clutter. Suddenly comfortable had become uncomfortable and I summarily decided that I was not ready for the next step. Without any further ado, I tried to make it as painless as possible a week later. Though I might add, it was not as painless when she struck the side of my face with a loaded handbag. Fortunately, there happened to be an even more striking blonde paramedic who was more than prepared to ensure I got nursed back to complete health. In addition, what was very fortunate about her was the fact that she completely understood that I was not ready for the next step in my life. As per SOP, I swiped the screen and simply answered, “Jake speaking.” Upon hearing the sweeter than maple syrup voice of my sister on the other side, I suddenly had regrets answering the phone. While we were quite tolerant of each other as siblings, we drifted into a comfortable distance from each other upon reaching our mid twenties. That was where I kept it for quite some time and we only spoke when it was necessary. Or, when we accidentally saw each other at family gatherings over Christmas or Thanksgiving. I once did get a card for my birthday, which I did not read and reposted as “RTS”. Somehow, she got hold of my number and I happened to be the unfortunate one sitting on the receiving end of her call. “Hello Mandy, how are you?” I answered, as civilised as possible. “I am good Jake, how are things down in Florida?” Knowing this was no courtesy call, I drawled on, “Good as can be.” Pausing, I decided to go for gold. “So the rich and famous reaches out to the poor and the needy? What’s the catch?” Instinct told me something must be up. I tried to listen to her pleasantries (which I still think is a farce) while once again remembering why we kept communication to a minimum. Let me keep it brief. Mandy went to college and got a law degree. This exalted her to the snobbish upper echelons of the NYC Law Society. In a night of alcoholic debauchery, she fell pregnant to some hotshot with a big dick and lots of money and she got married to save the family name. However, Mr Hotshot was more intent on screwing guys, a fact she came to know only when it was too late. Almost six years and a messy divorce later, she was the proud mother of Lacy, a sprightly young girl with long blonde curls and more wit and savvy than Ellen Degeneres and Johnny Depp combined. Of course, Uncle Jake could not really hold it against her that mommy was the corporate slut, tumbling in between a different set of sheets every weekend. Therefore, Lacy became the only member of the female species who could really claim to be a permanent attachment to my life. The flaw between us? I decided to chase my dream and joined the navy, became a fighter pilot and lived the other dream of making bachelorhood a profession. In her eyes, this made me part of the lower caste of the contributors to the economy of the country. A few cruises later, I resigned and bought a small flying school outside Tampa. This was life; flying by day, pussy by night. What more could a man such as me ask for if more students got their wings in my bed than in one of my little two-seater aeroplanes? Of course, there were also the ones doing their Commercial Pilot’s Licenses who were keen on earning extra credit. I listened to the Weakest Link for a few more minutes before the bubbly voice of my niece came through the earpiece. “Jake!” she shouted. “Can I come and visit you this coming summer break? I promise I will be good. Plus, Gretchen will be there as well to see to it that all the girly stuff is taken care of,” she babbled on. On the note pad on my desk, I made a note of “Gretchen” with a huge question mark next to it. We continued to chat lightly, making plans of what to do when she came down until I asked her when she was due. “Uhm, tomorrow afternoon?” she stated more than questioned. “Mom said we could be on the ‘Eleven-Fifteen’ from JFK to Tampa and we’d be there by two p.m.?” she continued. Gosh, I thought to myself, this kid was good. “Okay, let me speak to your mom.” There was some background noise as she handed the telephone to Mandy. “Yes,” I stated more than asked. “I am sorry about this, Jake, but I have to leave for Japan for two weeks to sort out some crap at our branch there. You were my only option as I was planning to take her on holiday for a few days. In addition, you will enjoy her; she is becoming more like you than like me. She takes so much after her Uncle Jake.” I rolled my eyes in their sockets and made a puking motion with my finger in my mouth. “By the way,” I continued, “who is this Gretchen?” “She is Lacy’s Au Pair. I had to get her as I work these almost impossible hours (cue puking motion again) and needed to have Lacy taken care of when I am not there. You will get along well. She is no burden and she is quite pleasant. Lacy adores her.” “If you say so, then I guess I just have to accept that some stranger is going to accompany my niece down here and have free reign in my house as well?” “There is not much I can do Jake. Lacy will have an adult minder when she gets on the flight so I don’t have to pay double for the seat.” As if she is scraping to pay for the flight, I mumbled inwardly so she cannot hear. “And Jake…?” “Yeah?” “I know there is seldom a lonely night in your life…” she continued as I considered how to amend my screwing schedule. “… so two things?” I grumbled something and she continued. “Please keep your visitors to a minimum if you can?” “Yeah, what’s the second thing?” “Gretchen is gay so don’t try your luck please?” It was out before I could think. “Are you fucking her?” “No, I am not. But that would be none of your fucking business anyway!” “Okay Counsellor, guilty as charged then,” I laughed at her fury. “I need to go anyway, my student is here. Let me know when she is on tomorrow,” and I ended the call. “Hey Charlie,” I greeted the young teenager dressed in his flight suit at my door. He returned my gesture seriously and handed me his logbook. “Shit Jake, I hate doing circuits to make up hours,” he grumbled, “why can’t we do a cross country today, cut off two hours?” He paused. “Please?” I looked at him from my chair and thought, what the fuck. Let him do it if he wanted to. Charlie was bright enough to make his own decisions. “Okay, you have fifteen minutes to work out your nav. I need three airfields for a touch and go and you need to stay up for a minimum of two hours. Plan and come see me in fifteen.” “Gee thanks, Jake,” the teenager beamed as he left the office. Sometimes Charlie seemed over eager, which I regarded as a risk. But considering what he put into his flying, I was optimistic for him. A few more hours and he would have had his Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and then it was another hundred-odd shared between me and one of the local airlines before he graduated with his Comm. As I watched him go to Flight Planning, I pulled out my phone and selected a number and hit the dialling button. “Howzit, Sweetlips,” I teased when I heard the female voice on the other side. “What do you want, Asshole?” she spat at me. I smiled, not worried about the seemingly degrading nickname. Over time, Kate and I came to know each other well enough to be able to banter with all sorts of sexual innuendos while still knowing what the other meant. I've always said if I did ever decide to change my lifestyle, Kate would be the one. She had that confidence and the voice of a very sophisticated woman. After using her like a slut in many more ways than one in just one night, I felt guilty. However, we both understood afterward what it was all about and Kate and I became regular companions, both knowing the rules and keeping to it. However, I was the only one of the two of us indulging in my “freedom” while she fucked me exclusively and only when she needed it. “I need something to eat, Babe,” I said lazily as if I did not have a training flight in less than an hour. “Well, try the cafeteria? I heard their pies are to die for,” she suggested. Kate knew how I detested the pies from the little shop on the airfield. Hey, I almost did die from eating one but before I could cross over, she managed to get hold of a very competent paramedic to pull my ass back across the line. “Naw, I feel more like something red meat-ish, like a steak or something,” I hinted. Countering she offered, “Try the butchery? I hear they sell charcoal for Webers as well, makes meat quite tasty.” Fuck, I thought to myself, this woman is good. “Pick you up at seven?” “Yes, please,” she answered. “Dress code?” she continued. “Do not go through too much trouble, it’s just dinner. Maybe a stroll on the beach afterward. I just want some nice uncomplicated company and unwind some.” “Cool, sounds good. See you later then. Seven, you say?” I confirmed and she hung up. I fully realised, for somebody regarded as one of Tampa’s most desired and most beautiful, I would have been able to take her anywhere and be more than proud. It crossed my mind for the millionth time that Kate was marriage material but I brushed the thought from my mind as Charlie entered my office again. Everything seemed in order and a few minutes later, we lifted off and turned north up the coast. ------ It being summer, I dressed as light as possible, knowing that any decent-looking sort of outfit would be acceptable almost anywhere we might decide to go. Thus, I opted for Bermuda shorts, a button down cotton shirt and loafers. Being one that likes to be on time, I pulled into Kate’s driveway a little before seven, freshly showered, shaved and touched by the cologne Kate gave me for my last birthday. Kate’s place was a cosy but spacious beach house separated from the white surf of the Gulf of Mexico only by a strip of white sand and a smartly built wooden deck. The doors were wide open and I suspected I was either being stood up or, Kate decided on something else. She was one of those women who were never late… well, except once or twice her period, which gave the professional bachelor in me the scare of my life. Entering the front door, candles were lit everywhere. The sweet scent of incense and the sounds of panpipes floated on the slight breeze that blew in from the surf. Kate was in the kitchen, busy rinsing some leaves and other vegetables, presumably for salads. I observed her tanned legs protruding from her white shorts, all the way down to where her perfectly pedicured feet rested inside leather sandals. Her hands were wet with droplets clinging to the fine hairs on her wrists, only a gold bangle on her one wrist. Her long blonde hair was tied back with a rawhide string in her equally tanned neck, stylishly completed with a fine gold chain. I relished the object on the end of that gold chain. It was a diamond pendant matching the studs in her ears. I felt my cock twitch as I observed her tight butt, lightly covered with the cotton of her shorts. Even after almost three years of seeing each other, she still got to me in the hottest possible way. Approaching from behind, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her into my growing hardness, her head tilted backwards to let her head rest on my shoulder. Caressing her lightly over her flat stomach, my mouth started searching her nec
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k for a path to her soft lips. Kate moaned softly as I lightly bit her jawbone, inhaling her soft perfume. Turning her head to me, our lips found each other, her teeth lightly biting my bottom lip. My cock twitched once more and I knew my boxers sported a wet spot. In my mind, I realised how impossible it was to resist this woman. As both hands slid up over her ribcage to cup her perfect breasts, she grabbed my right elbow with her left hand and turned into me. If the first kiss caused a drop of pre-cum, the next kiss made me feel as if I was flowing like a river. We kissed with fervour for a few minutes before Kate released me to look in my eyes long and intently. “Hello Sexy,” she paused, “you are different,” she whispered as she looked into my eyes. “I am cool, nothing serious,” I answered, smiling at her perfection. “I hope you don’t mind, I opted for a night in. We'll do a BBQ and enjoy a stroll on my beach later? I got your favourite specialty? Very tender and very juicy filet, marinaded in my secret sauce.” To which I laughed, answering, “Well, that could be any sauce,” emphasising “any”. Kate blushed deeply and turned away so I could not see her predicament. I took her in my arms once again and kissed her with all I had. Our kiss developed into intense hunger but she broke it of, “If we don’t stop we will have a BBQ for breakfast. Be a Sweetie and pour us some wine please?” she panted, slightly flushed. The wine was something I did not know, “KWV Merlot?” I asked. “Where did you get it?” “I got it as a gift from a friend who visited family in South Africa a while ago. Says its exquisite but I have not tried it myself,” she said over her shoulder. Kate was the perfect host, earning many appreciative glances from me. Though the tightness in my pants had subsided, watching her move around or take a bite of filet from her fork did little to calm my nerves. Do not get me wrong, I was by far never nervous around Kate but, the whole night it seemed the air was charged with something I could not fathom. Perhaps it was a healthy dose of chemistry, perhaps the arrival of Lacy and her Au Pair the next day. After dinner we tidied up and then stepped off the deck, unto the soft sand. Immediately, my heartbeat escalated a few additional beats per minute. We walked slowly along the deserted beach, talking softly but audibly above the sound of the waves murmuring on the soaked sand of the beach. Long walks on the beach were one of the more special things Kate and I shared. Holding hands, talking, kissing often and finally searching for a spot where we could just sit, with her between my legs, head against my chest. We found a palm tree that managed to win the battle against numerous hurricanes and I rested my back against it. Kate sat down sideways, her right shoulder against my chest and soon afterward, she pulled me closer with her left hand, kissing me softly, missing my lips but searching still till we found each other’s lips. Her kiss was soft, exploratory, testing my lips for entry with her tongue. Both my arms wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her into me as I answered her kiss. Her kisses became deeper, more passionate, and different from how I knew her to be. Cupping her cheek with my right hand, my thumb caressed her cheek for a moment before her hand moved my hand to her neck and her top button. Her eagerness was strange to me. My fingertips singled out the first button of her blouse, briefly toying with it before releasing it from the buttonhole. Releasing the second button, my fingertips scraped the soft warmth of the skin between the cups of her bra, eliciting a soft slow moan against my mouth. The third button slipped out of its niche, allowing me full access to the soft lace of her twin cups. Kate upped the ante and as I cupped her left breast through its lace confinement, her left hand slipped under my shirt, lightly scraping my skin with her nails. Her breathing had become heavier in the past minutes and I knew she was bordering on frantic with desire. Her hand dropped lower and she massaged my hardness through my pants. “I want you,” she panted against my mouth as my fingers released the catch of her bra between her full breasts. As the cups slid away, the perfect pair of 34C orbs made themselves accessible to my searching hands. Feeling over the skin, moulding their softness in my hands I searched out a nipple and squeezed it lightly. Kate’s back arched strongly as her teeth bit firmly into my bottom lip. “I want you… here, now!” she demanded, slipping buttons through holes with her left hand. Her shoulders heeded backward to my demands and her blouse slipped of her shoulders, draping itself over my knee. Her pants slid just as easily over her buttocks, over her knees and off her feet. Immediately after removing her pants off kicking and struggling feet, my hand moved to the junction of her legs still covered by her lace panties. As my fingers moved the garment aside, I sensed the heat emanating from her soaked lips. I tried to busy myself with her lust button but Kate flexed her hips upward against my hand and my first two fingers slipped between her slippery folds. Kate groaned loudly, competing with the waves for airtime as her orgasm swept through her, washing my fingers in the warmth of her release. Rising to her knees, she pushed me down on the white sand as her hands undid my belt, button and zipper. I suddenly felt as if loosing it with urgency as her hand found my rock hard cock, grabbing it firmly, slowly moving her hand up and down on my shaft. “Baby, I am close to shooting, don’t stop,” I uttered as her mouth slipped over my cock, taking everything at once, her hand moving out of the way just in time. My whole being groaned aloud as my cock bottomed out in her throat. Helplessly, I gave it up and shot rope after rope of boiling hot cum down her throat, my butt lifting off the sand as I try to deliver it as deep as possible. Finally Kate let my cock slip out of her cum-lined mouth and dropped her head on my hip, “How’s that for desert, Baby?” I chuckled at her wit, lifting my torso to my elbows and looking down at her. Both our naked bodies were on display for nature to enjoy, our clothes in bundles around us. Sitting up, I cupped her face in my hands and pulled her in for a soft kiss. Tasting my own cum on her lips, I slipped my tongue in her mouth and we continued kissing passionately but gently for a few minutes. Getting up, I lifted her to her feet, bent down and slipped her last little lace garment of her long shapely legs. On the way up, I lifted her in my arms and walked toward the water, her legs becoming soft clamps around my waist. Knee deep in the warm water of the Gulf, I stopped. “I need to plug you before we get into the water,” I hint. “And for what reason?” she asks me suspiciously. “So you don’t draw water and sink,” was my very serious answer. Kate merely shook her head; “You are the worst possible liar, Jake Muldoon. But I love you anyway,” she added with a smile. Kate’s house was not far from where we took our impromptu swim and we remained naked, frolicking in the surf on the way back. “Stay right here while I get us a few towels,” she said over her shoulder before entering the house. Shortly, she returned with towels and tossed one toward me. We used the outside shower and soaped each other down carefully before rinsing and each drying the other in turn. This lead to more kissing and as things heated up, I grabbed her in my arms and carried her to the place I know so well. It was a place to which I was invited to make my own so many times, to stay, to remain, and to receive my first coffee each morning. However, I never did accept the invite and every morning it was accepted that I would make my way out the front door, go home, get dressed in my flying gear before heading of to the flight school. Walking into the master bedroom, my knees found the bed sheets cool and inviting and without giving up the burden of her weight, we proceeded to the middle of the white expanse before I let her down gently. Straddling her slim frame I bent down and our lips found each other again, softly kissing, turning it up a notch or two every few seconds until it became a tongue-dueling exchange of lust and hungry emotions. Keeping my balance on my left arm, my right hand felt for her breasts, finding it, massaging it firmly before tweaking a hard nipple. Kate sighed loudly as my fingers rolled her left nipple between them. Bending down, my mouth found the other nipple, biting lightly before suckling on the rubbery nip. Kate became like a bitch in heat, seeking my rock hard and dripping cock with her one hand while the other keeps my face firmly mashed to her tits. Her hips and mound tried in vain to make contact with my groin and I suspected she must be flooded with her wetness. Moving down, my cock slipped from her grasp and she groaned loudly at her loss. Grabbing a hold of my upper torso in exchange, she kept moaning continually as my mouth traveled down to her nether regions. I flattened myself on the bed and inspected closely the delicious lips that have the ability to suck unto my cock every time I withdraw from her during our couplings. With my index finger, I traced little circles on her lips, causing her to spread her legs as far as possible while trying to grab my head and fuse my mouth to her desperate sex. A thin trickle of fluid formed between her lips and my finger shoved it gently upward toward her already protruding clit. The action caused her lips to part and my fingers to encounter her slippery inner labia. Moving my finger up and down the slippery path she moaned loudly, “Baby, you’re driving me beyond insanity. Please, stick a finger inside me? Please, I beg you?” she cried. “Please, I need relief, I need to cum soon or I will surely turn nuts on you and kill you!” I relented and continued to tease her, not yet entering her love hole, yet not keeping away from it. Drawing a lazy circle around her entrance, she bounced her hips up and down in an attempt to let me loose my rhythm and enter her. “PLEASE!!!” she groaned from the bottom of her insides. “Please make me cum, NOW!!” As I slipped two fingers inside her, my mouth suddenly fused to her love button, she tipped over backwards, arched her back and sprayed me with cum, “OHHH, FUCK!” she cried out in passion as several strong spasms rushed through her body. While Kate was still heaving with spasms from her release, I rushed forward and sank balls deep inside her drenched cunt, pushing her into yet another orgasmic abyss. “Nooo, FUCK!! Not again,” she cried as her nails raked raw lines over my back. The moment the base of my cock slammed into her labia, my hips flexed and my cock was withdrawn from her soggy insides. Relentlessly I continued to fuck her hard and deep, her hands holding onto my body, eyes wide open watching me intently, smiling contently. Droplets of perspiration started forming on my whole body and she wiped it off my face with her hands. Her whole being started glowing again and her eyes drew shut very slowly. Her legs moved up, allowing me even deeper inside her as her arms tightened around my shoulders. “Baby, this is the big one,” she said between breaths. “Fuck me hard….. Fuck me deep….. Slam your cock inside me…. Make me cum with you,” she groaned as her pussy tightened around my cock. I could feel myself starting to itch, my balls were burning and I knew I was close. Drawing my head back, I mumble something. Suddenly her eyes opened, beaming up at me. That moment my pace picked up and I slammed my cock home. Her neck snapped back and a silent cry formed on her face. Slamming even harder she relaxed and when her head snapped back again, she cried to whole universe, “I AM CUMMMIIINGGG,” bursting within and covering everything with warm liquid. This set me off and grunt by grunt, I shot rope after rope of hot white semen up her boiling cunt. Falling silent, just catching our respective breaths, I rolled over and off Kate. As if automated, she rolled into my arms, head on my chest. “I love you too, Jake,” she mumbles back Many minutes later, we started speaking again. She lifted her body on top of mine and looked straight into my eyes. “Okay, spit it out, what’s eating you?” “Nothing much, it's just that Mandy called and I guess it got to me a bit. She is sending Lacy down here for two weeks.” “Well, it cannot be that bad,” she trailed off. “Or it’s a matter of your sister grinding your bones without you willing to admit it? Lacy is not a burden to you, is she?” she inquired with raised eyebrows. “No, the Au Pair is accompanying her down here,” I stated with a frown. “Ohhh,” she laughed, “and you were warned not to shag her,” she continued, laughing even more. “Nope, I am not supposed to try my luck apparently. Moreover, I was informed she is gay.” Kate just smiled…. I hope you enjoyed this first delivery in a multi part series. Part 2 is on the drawing board…. Gallo

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