Sex With Pussy From Brasov Who Is Anal Fucked By Husband

Sex With Pussy From Brasov Who Is Anal Fucked By Husband

Note: This is the 'Summerfling' story written from a different perspective. Hi, I'm Susan, and I just want to get this out up front: I'm not writing this as any form of excuse. I'm happy with how this all played out. I'm writing this more as an explanation from my side about the how and the why, etcetera. I'm a forty-two year old married woman... but it's not much of a marriage anymore, as we've been separated for the past two years. Believe me when I tell you, that separation felt like Susan's spring. I've been having more fun than I can shake my bum at these past few months. Something else you should know; I've an eighteen year old daughter who's a sweetheart. She has unfortunately also become a handful ever since she started dating guys a few years ago. Taking after me with my long golden-blond hair, while her eyes are a bit lighter than my own deep, dark shade of blue, I have to be honest; she's gorgeous. It's clear we're related, and I take pride in the fact that we are sometimes confused as cousins by strangers. I look after my own body well and I'm proud of the result. Not an ounce of fat too much, which further accents my best assets, my D-cup breasts. And my babies were being put to good use that morning. I mostly do counselling, but I've also rolled into a side job a few years back. So now I'm also a part-time real estate agent. That morning I was using my assets to convince this gorgeous guy, Kyle, to buy a seaside property. I had dressed in a cute little sundress which was short enough to be sexy, and though it covered my breasts decently it would show any arousal through the thin fabric. Especially since I wasn't wearing a bra that day! Things were going well, aside from the small hiccup when I thought I'd gone too far when he first walked into the house and froze when he saw me. He was a newly married man, after all, so I wasn't sure if playing it flirty would get me the sale. However, he was so, so gorgeous. I just couldn't resist the temptation. Thankfully, after a few minutes he started flirting back. His comments on the hot tub while we were on the deck left little to the imagination, and I felt his eyes burning through my flimsy little dress. "Do you like the view?" I had asked, as I spread my arms with my back against the railing, my tits almost bursting out of the small tight dress as I thrust them forward for his viewing pleasure. "You betcha!" he'd responded, his eyes never leaving my babies. He joined me at the railing, and when we were looking out over the ocean he slid his hand over my back and massaged my ass firmly before turning back to the house. I almost pushed my ass further back into his hand I wanted him so bad. Unfortunately, since we still had to view the house with his wife, that might jeopardize the deal so I refrained. I was glad I managed to resist the urge, since it meant we would definitely meet again. We each left the house to go our separate ways shortly after. It was my only appointment for the day, Rockport being a small town and all, so I left for home in my convertible with a soaking wet thong and my pussy throbbing. I knew I'd need relief before I'd reach my place, and decided to pass by and park in a secluded car park next to the oceanside road after checking if anyone was there. I slid my seat back and grabbed my vibrator from my purse. Nothing big and fancy, but the vibrations were powerful enough to get me off almost every time. I hiked up my little sundress, opened my door, spread my legs and placed my feet one on the door frame and one on the dashboard. Leaning back I relished the moment to come. I slid aside my thong and immediately started massaging my clit with the heavy vibrations of my vibe. Within seconds I was moaning and twitching in my seat, the thought of Kyle pounding me in the hot tub providing me with more than enough excitement. I pulled my dress down a little so my free hand could play with my sensitive bare nipples. It didn't take long before I felt my climax approaching. Frustratingly, I was interrupted when I heard cars, music blaring, drive into the car park. For a brief moment I considered continuing. I'd done it once before (perhaps I'll tell that story some other time), but not knowing who was in the cars was too big a risk living in such a small town. Luckily my moments hesitation left me with enough time to pull down my dress and get back into a more decent position. Two cars with boys from Sandy's school drove up. I waved to them, and seconds later drove off still looking to cum, but now even more turned with the idea of having had those six boys watch me masturbate - if only I had dared stay! The house where Sandy and I live wasn't more than five minutes away, and as I drove up to the garage I noticed the landscapers car was parked there as well. I opened the front door and was immediately aware of someone moaning loudly in the kitchen. I sighed. Sandy really was getting out of hand, I thought to myself as I started walking to the kitchen. I guess I hadn't been giving the proper example ever since her father and I separated and I started my 'Susan's Spring'. I opened the door, and though I couldn't see Sandy, it was clear what she was doing by the ecstatic look on the face of Arne, our summertime landscaper. I think I gave him quite a fright, because he clearly blew his load right as he saw me. "Oh, for goodness sake, Sandy! Again? Couldn't you behave for once? I've only been out for two hours and you're already sucking the first cock you've come across. Very disappointing!" I started lecturing Sandy, who was only just getting up, cum still dribbling down her chin. In the meantime Arne had managed to escape back into the garden in the blink of an eye. I didn't really mind. I was sure it was Sandy who had seduced him anyway, and that he was largely innocent. Sandy already had that furious look on her face so familiar to mothers with teenagers. She was storming over. "I did this for your benefit, Sandy," I tried, somewhat softer than my previous outburst, "I know you're hurting from Dave but the solution is not to jump onto the next cock!" "Not like you, you mean? Ugh, you're such a hypocrite!" She continued past me and slammed the door behind her. What a day this was going to be. I grabbed a glass of water, though tempted by the wine, and finished it as I walked towards my bedroom. The day was already scorching hot and I was parched. Since I had no more appointments, I decided a swim was in order to finally find some relief from the heat. This included both the heat from the weather as well as my own. As I stepped into my bedroom I felt the familiar and still-lingering throb in my pussy. Still not having been able to satisfy myself, it was by now a desperate throb. Reaching the edge of the bed I pulled off my summer dress and in one fluid motion dropping it at the foot end. I turned to the mirror, inspecting myself; God, I looked good today! I struck a few poses, the sight of my own naked body slowly turning me on again. I swear I had completely forgotten our landscaper, Arne, was still out there working in the yard. It really was completely by accident that I happened to be giving him a little peepshow while examining myself. Of course, I can't deny that after finding out Arne was watching me, it just turned me on so much more. When I saw him
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walkover, from the corner of my eye, to get into a better position with a better view I was so turned on that I couldn't resist and had to give in. I guess I couldn't blame Sandy, he was a cute kid after all. I walked over to the cupboard containing all my clothes. I opened the doors and bent over to look through the lower drawers, making sure to bend over just so, so that my tight ass was facing the garden doors. I highly exaggerated the pose, even going so far as to stand on my tip toes to accent the curvature of my ass further. My throbbing pussy was now pulsing so furiously. I wouldn't be able to contain myself much longer. I hadn't been so turned on in ages! I finally got ready, picking out my smallest bikini top (from the top shelf no less, whoops!) and turned around, walking back to the foot of the bed facing my mirror again to put it on. Slowly I tied the back strap holding the bikini, barely being able to hold up my breasts. After having tied the back I gave my desperate nipples some attention, massaging my tits and gently pinching my nipples before pulling the top up to see how it fitted. All the while I kept confirming with the edge of my sight that Arne was still paying attention and had moved in closer. He was now sitting on the corner of the pool patio mere meters away from the grand view through the double glass doors. I posed for my own and his benefit, to see if it the top still fit as I had intended: barely, but it did. I was looking glorious. I took a deep breath, squeezed my boobs together, and then looked in mock surprise straight at Arne. I think he almost fell over in shock. I put my hands on my hips and chose my cheekiest grin before beckoning him over with my finger, my eyes never leaving his. He very hesitantly walked over to the doors and opened them slowly. I would definitely need to encourage him some more, I thought to myself. "And I thought the naughty boy was all done playing," I said in my sultriest voice and winked at his bulging crotch for good measure. I sat back on the side of the bed, my legs playfully opening and closing as I continued to beckon him on. As he stepped closer I reached out to his crotch and softly massaged his hard form through his pants. Sandy did have the right idea; this was exactly what I needed too, but I sure as hell would be better than her! "Want to play a real game now?" I asked, as I started to undo his shorts, barely registering his nod as I lowered them to his knees. His cock practically jumped out at me and I eagerly grabbed hold of it. With a few firm jerks I could feel it pulse in my hands. Within seconds Arne had started moaning, "Think I can do a better job than Sandy, Arne?" I teased. "Yes," he moaned, as I pumped his cock faster and harder with my hand. When I looked back up I noticed he was staring at me, entranced - more specifically at my precious puppies. "Want to feel real tits, Arne?" I challenged and he just nodded. I let go of his hard shaft and slowly, teasingly undid my bikini top, making sure to squeeze my babies together again for his enjoyment. Before I had even dropped my top to the floor his hands were already roughly and eagerly groping my flesh. Though not necessarily enjoyable, his eagerness was getting me even wetter than I already was. I regretted that eagerness moments later when, during his rough groping, he pinched one of my nipples hard. I let out a small yelp. While I have been known to enjoy the more experimental sides of sex, I wasn't interested in that sort of entertainment. I wanted his hard cock. "That's not how you treat a lady, Arne! Show me how you'd really treat me." I giggled, slapping him playfully against his shoulder. I slid off my little thong and shimmied up the bed a little. With my legs spread and my feet firmly planted on the edge of the mattress I was ready for him. He was at my pussy in a flash, licking and sucking my clit furiously. If I hadn't already been so wet I might have minded, but now it felt perfect, this young, cute-looking Danish boy trying his best to eagerly please me. He slowly slid in his finger and curled it upwards as he rubbed my g-spot while continuing to play with my clit. I knew I really only wanted one thing. "Fuck me, Arne, fuck me!" I moaned as he finger-fucked my slit. He got up and had his cock already at attention. "There are condoms in the dresser," I nodded to the dresser in the corner. He was at the dresser in two steps and had pulled a condom out of my well filled top drawer (no judging, I have my needs! Not that they'd been fulfilled in awhile...) and shortly after he stood at the front of the bed fiddling with the wrapper. As he hustled between the bed and dresser, I wondered what a kid like him would like and it came to me. "Ever had a girl with tits big enough to fuck?" I asked him, winking, registering his eager grin a split second later. I sat in front of him on the edge of the bed as he knelt on the bed and pushed my luscious tits together for him. Encouraging him with my naughtiest look I looked up. I spit on his cock, combining my saliva with my daughter's to moisten his cock. He positioned his head carefully below my tits and thrust through them. He. Loved. It. His cock smoothly slid up and down, covered on all sides by my soft flesh. As he started to get the hang of it he thrust harder and faster, forcing me onto my back. With his cock pressing all the way through my tits, I started sucking in his head at the end of each thrust. I needed my cravings seen to as well however, and after having him let his fun for awhile I twisted him off me and onto his back. In moments I had the ribbed condom over his cock. I squatted over him to slowly lower my soaking twat, impaling myself on his young eager cock. "You're not half bad," I mumbled, as I felt him fill me up. I rode him, playing with my own somewhat-battered tits, loving every moment of finally feeling his hard, eager cock in me. His hefty counter bucking forced me forward and onto my hands. With my tits now hanging over him he started sucking on my nipples and playing with them with his tongue. He grabbed my hips, forcing his cock into me harder and faster. I'd started to moan when suddenly he slapped my ass. It felt like an electric shock energizing me and raised my pleasure to an even higher level. It had been too long since I'd been fucked like someone meant it, and words I would never have considered saying to a young boy came out of my mouth. "Oh yea, baby, spank this naughty woman." He spanked me harder and more often, but the randomness kept me on edge, pushing me closer and closer to my climax. I started rubbing my clit. I was so close. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I moaned. And then, finally, with a hard spank from Arne my body spasmed into an orgasm. My pussy clenching his still thrusting cock as I could feel him tense up and blow his load deep, in sync with mine. With a satisfied sigh I got off of Arne. As I walked to the garden doors I told him to be back tomorrow to finish trimming the yard. Leaving a perplexed but satisfied boy behind me I walked out the door, with an extra wiggle of my red bum for his benefit, and dove into the pool. By the look on his face as he walked out a bit later, collecting his tools on the way to his truck, he still had no idea what had just happened. What a gorgeous summer day it was!

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