She asks the blue-haired girl to suck Putin's cock too

She asks the blue-haired girl to suck Putin's cock too

She asked me in her funny-cute French accent,"Dot......aav you avair make laav weeth an othair woomen?"Our conversation had finally reached the important issues. I knew it would lead to this eventually and I knew what she wanted to hear. "Yes, sweetheart, sure I have. And you?" I looked into the woman's blue eyes and they sparkled with anticipation. She was sitting across the corner of the dining room table as we sipped our coffee that morning. Jan had her arms folded and leaning forward on the table enjoying our talk about sex. Her cleavage protruded between her arms making my mouth water."Oh, yes! I laav eet!," Jan replied. "But, I don't do for a long time. Do you want to do with me, cheri?"Smiling, I took the cup from my lips and returned it to its saucer. Holding the chair by its armrests I rose slightly on my feet and pushed back from the table. I uncrossed my legs and opened them slightly letting my bathrobe fall open to my thighs. "Oui, oui, ma cheri,"She beamed as she slid from her chair to the dining room carpet. Jan pushed my bathrobe up to my waist and nudged my knees apart. Her hands went up to my pussy and I moved my butt down further. I sat on the very edge of the seat with my feet planted firmly on the carpet and my head against the chair back. Closing my eyes, I massaged my aching nipples. It's been way too long, I thought as I felt for the back of the head between my thighs."Ooooh! You are not wearing panties, ma cheri!" She lowered her face between my thighs and lightly kissed my hairless mound. "You have more beautiful poosyI have seen! I never make love to a German woman before, Dot. You make me so horny since you moved next door." She knelt back on her heals. With an arm over each of my legs, she  leaned her face forward and covered my nether lips with her open mouth. She inserted her tongue into my hole then moved it down to the bottom of my slit where she licked at my perineum. She slurped her way back up to my clit. Mein gott! She's going to be a good one! Oh fuck! This is going to be a great assignment, I thought.  She munched and sucked on my clit and labia. I could feel the cool air on my wet mons. She had definitely done this before! With one hand she reached up under my chemise to knead my naked breasts. We met our neighbors when we moved into a high-rise US government-quarters building just outside a US Air Force base in southern Germany. The building, twelve stories high, had three apartments on each floor, a common balcony and an elevator shaft in the hallway. The entrance doors to the apartments were just a few feet from each other. Jan and Bob's master bedroom and ours shared a common wall. Each apartment had a nice private balcony off the living room in addition to the common balcony at the front of the building. I lived there with my husband Ted, like Jan's husband an Air Force NCO. We were assigned the apartment with little regard or choice of neighbors. Fortunately, I got real lucky. Jan was not really French, but a native of Belgium. She spoke French, Flemish and very poor English, but very cute and charming as a French accent can be. Since most Europeans are multi-lingual, Jan and I communicated mostly in English but with a lot of French and German too. Bob did little to correct her English because he loved the way she talked. He encouraged us to do the same. He was tall, blonde and very good looking. He was though, a very shy man and never talked unless someone else initiated conversation with him, but otherwise very friendly and likable. Jan was his opposite and she dominated him. If she told him to leave the room, he did so. If she told him not to come home too early, he didn't . If she said come home early and cook dinner, he did so, inasmuch as his military duties allowed. At home he had no say whatsoever but he obviously enjoyed it and seemed to thrive in his obedient devotion to her. He worshipped her. Jan was a very sensual woman. She was always in good humor, joking and laughing, and very touchy-feely. Physically she was a very short person and tended to be just this side of plump, but firm. Her figure was curvaceous, small waisted, and she had a beautiful rounded and protruding rear end. She was dark blonde, with a pretty face. In the previous months since we had moved in, Jan and I talked frequently and she often pranced into our apartment on some pretense or another. She would rummage through our pantry for a cup of this or a can of that for dinner. They were both accomplished cooks and would grab us in the hallway to invite us in to dinner. Morning coffee klatches were becoming a daily routine. Jan would wait till the men left in the morning and come in the door as Ted left. "Hey Dot! Coffee! Get up sleepy-head!" I was barely awake and was still barefoot and in my bathrobe. "I have to get dressed, babe. Just a minute." "No-no, it's Okay come on, we're not going anywhere. And you look sooo sexy that way!" She took my hand to pull me into their apartment. She was also still in her long nightgown. I sat down at the dining table as she came out of the kitchen with a hot carafe and a basket of fresh breakfast rolls. We had much in common since were both European. I was born in Germany and had spent some time in France and had been to Belgium. We had gotten acquainted with conversation about our time in the United States with our American husbands and our return to Europe and sex. Everything was sexy to her. "Your husband is so sexy, is he a good lover?" Always with a laugh. She said she had married Bob because he was a handsome man and a very good lover. As usual, she was still glowing from her morning fuck."Bob really make me cum so good this morning, darling." She proceeded to describe how she liked to wake him by slipping under the covers to find his usual morning hardon. "I like to get on top of him and ride his cock till I cum good. And you?" Actually, I have a morning cum every day and since she didn't give me time to wash up, the aroma of pussy still lingered on my fingers. "No, Ted was late and in a hurry, but, uh........" I laughed and poked my fingers under her nose. "Oh, cheri, I'm still so horny! Let me....again!" Then she grabbed my fingers and brought them back to her face. "Ummmm, cest bon! " We both laughed. It was then she asked the inevitable question and now I was close to cumming in her mouth at their dining room table. I held her head with both hands as she mouthed my pussy and tongued my clit. I looked down into her lust filled eyes. "You are v-very good, and you are going to make m-me cum very quickly! Oooh! Oh! Oh, gawd, that's so good!!" She stopped and replied, "It's Okay, I will make you cum again and again, ma cheri." Then she returned her mouth to my cunt. I pulled her head tighter to my crotch and fucked her face for all I was worth. She hummed into my pussy as she sucked and my pelvis levitated on the chair. I lifted my bare legs on my toes and squeezed her between them as my orgasm exploded into her mouth. She stayed on the carpet while she flicked her tongue at my clit and used three fingers to bring me to a second orgasm. Slowly and lovingly she brought me back to earth. "Oh my! That was delicious, Jan. I haven't had that kind of loving since we left the states and my girlfriends." "Oooh, tell me about them, Dot." Her face was wet with my juices. I pulled her up and she sat on my lap with one arm around my neck. I kissed her open mouth and I tasted myself on her tongue. She turned toward me and straddled her legs over mine as we continued to kiss each other. Her nightgown was bunched up around her waist now and I reached under to caress her panty covered buttocks with both hands. I slipped my fingers under her panties and found the crack of her ass. She lifted slightly so I could feel her pussy lips. She caught her breath as I inserted a finger close to her clit. It was very wet down there. She suddenly jumped up with my hand in hers. "Come, cheri, let's get back in my bed and you can tell me all about your girlfriends." She dropped her bathrobe in front of me as we made our way down the hall to the master bedroom. So did I. We embraced naked and covered each others bodies with our hands eagerly exploring. We wound our legs together to grind our cunts close and our arms encircled each other as we fell on the bed. I felt for her ample breasts and I lowered my head to take a hard nipple into my mouth. Her fingers were busy at my pussy. She was delicious. I pushed her back down on the bed and turned toward her feet to find her cunt. I could see her pouty and swollen labia. I was about to return the dining room favor. She moaned as my tongue found her clit and she pulled my head to her. Her warm thighs pressed against my ears as I opened my mouth to do what I love to do best. "Oooooh, cheri! You are so good to me! I am so happy to find you.....someone who knows how to love my pussy," she panted. "Men do not know how to eat pussy," she continued as I hummed back in response. She loved to talk constantly while having sex. "Does Ted know how to eat pussy?" "Umm, um, um," was all the response I wanted to give her while my mouth was glued to her luscious cunt. "Does he have a beeg one, cheri? Do you suck heem good? I love to suck cock. Uh! Oh, oh, yes! Is this good, cheri,"  She had two fingers sliding up and down her wet cunt lips as I licked at her clit. I diddled my own clit next to her lips. I was thoroughly enjoying her warmth and wetness with my mouth. I had my hands clutching her butt cheeks. I squeezed and spread them to allow my mouth to her anus as well. I knew she would like that. "Aaahhhhhhh! Aaahhhhh! Uh, uh, oooooh!" Her hips were humping back into my face and I knew she was close to orgasm. So was I.  "I am cumming, cheri! Aaahhhh, uh, ah, aaaah." My pussy was throbbing and I could not hold it back either. I thought we would melt into each other as we had a couple of orgasms together. My head was clenched tightly to her crotch and we were panting and heaving for minutes before we recovered enough to speak but she was making whimpering sounds as her breathing slowed. "That was so good, cheri," she said as we untangled and she turned toward me to kiss my lips and face. I was still on my back when she sat up next to me then swung a leg over my hips to straddle me. "This is how I sit on my Bob when I fuck him on top this morning," she said laughing as she bounced up and down on my pelvis simulating her morning fuck. She moved one leg under and brought my knee up to her chest so that our legs were scissored with our cunts pressed together. The wetness sealed our nether lips together. "You like, my darling?" My pussy was hot and trembling. I thought about my double-dildo, still unpacked in the closet, next door. I reached up to fondle her nipples as she gently ground our cunts together. "Tell me about your girlfriends, Dot." "Well, I had several when we were stationed in California. I loved Phyllis the best. She's a shy little redhead, kinda like the col
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or of Brooke's hair, and a very, as you would say, a sexy lady. She was married to an Air Force guy too like Maxine. Maxine was very special too." As I spoke I glanced toward the bedroom door which had a full-length frosted glass pane in the center and saw movement on the other side. I saw the red hair before it disappeared and thought,  I'm imagining things, as I told Jan about my little redhead I had left behind in California just months before. Brooke had just finished high school and was planning to live with her mom and step-dad till she decided where she would attend college. She was the product of a brief affair in Jan's early days, and was taller than her mother. A thin and pretty redhead with a still developing figure, had her mother's vivacious personality. Brooke was enjoying her stay in Europe and really hated to leave her mother and step-father. She doted on Bob and was openly flirtatious with him. He loved his stepdaughter's affection and Jan loved to see them happily together. I said nothing to Jan. I was enjoying her ministrations too much to be distracted. She listened intently as I recalled various and earlier relationships before and after I married Ted. Ted......yes, he will very much enjoy hearing about this tonight, I thought. "Phyllis had never been with another woman before me, but she was ready. I used to kid around with her like you do with me. I would kiss and hug her a lot so she got used to it. One night she really got hot. I got into her panties and gave her a good fingering and she let me. After I gave her an orgasm with my mouth, I couldn't keep her away!" Jan continued to hump her pussy against mine as I talked. She had her hands on my breasts and between our legs playing with our clits. I kept telling her about my previous experiences and we were slowly building another cum. "Did she eat you good too, cheri?" Her breathing was coming a little faster. "Oh yes, she was hot. Her husband Frank really had a nice cock too." Her eyes popped open in surprise and she stopped rubbing. "Did you fuck her husband too? Did Ted fuck her too? Did you go together?" I had to interrupt her. She had a lot of questions before I could answer. "Hold it, baby......patience! I'll tell you all about it, but don't stop fucking!" I reached up to pull her to me and she dropped down facing me. I wanted to kiss her mouth suck on her tongue. I was really hot, but I wanted it to last a while longer. God it was good! I found her warm pussy and thought about that dildo again. Wish I had it now, but I didn't want to interrupt this for nothing. Next time, next time. "Yes, I fucked Frank and her together and Ted filled her little hole a few times too. I liked to lick her clit while Frank or Ted had a cock in her. Once in a while she came so hard she would pass out!" Jan was really rubbing faster now and panting with each word. Her fingers were furiously frigging my clit and I was fingering hers. We were ready for another cum now. I caught a movement at the door again. It was definitely Brooke. I did not make it obvious that I had seen her and she was too involved with her young pussy to notice. Her hair was still rumpled from sleep, she was barefoot and wearing only what she had slept in, a t-shirt and panties. Her panties were filled with both hands and she leaned against the door jamb, hunched and also well into a trembling orgasm. In an instant I realized that Jan must have known that her daughter was home all this time. At the same time I was cumming hard and so was Jan. She breathlessly slumped on top of me, her mouth at my neck, her hair in my face. I panted quietly into her ear, "Your d-daughter is watching." Jan turned her head toward the door. Brooke, her fingers still rubbing her pussy, saw her mother looking at her. "Oh, honey, have you been there all this time?" Which surprised the heck out of me. "Come here, my little one," Jan said lovingly, "Come on.... Dot will not mind, will you Dot?" I was speechless as Brooke removed her fingers from her panties and walked slowly toward the bed. All I could do was smile at her and she smiled back and jumped in between us. We both put our arms around her and laughed. "Did you enjoy watching me and Dot?" Brooke made a feeble but positive response. "I know you liked it, didn't you, you naughty girl!" Then to me, "She likes to watch Bob and me too," then back to her, "Huh, honey?" Brooke giggled, and we laughed at her. I asked Brooke, "Are you still virgin?" I was itching to feel between her young legs but I held off not knowing quite what was happening. Jan answered for her. "She fucked a couple of young friends, but she has never been with a real man....or a woman, Dot. But, now I know who will teach her!" We all laughed but I could feel the lust throbbing in my chest for this little cutie pie. Jan pulled her daughter into the bed between us."I was just your age, when someone my age now, showed me how wonderful another woman's love can be, sweetie. I was an exchange student in Paris where I lived with a nice family. I shared a bedroom with their daughter, Charlize. What fun we had! And her mother first licked my little pussy." Jan was frigging herself again under the sheet and Brooke's hips were also humping slightly as I told my tale. I told them how Charli and I would sneak down the hallway to her parents bedroom to watch them fuck at night. "We would run back to our bed and masturbate furiously. The mother, Claudia, came in one night and joined us." Laying face-up, Brooke brought her left leg over my right leg and I could not resist reaching down to touch and rub her outspread thigh lightly down to her red bush. I pinched gently her cloth covered labia. Her panties were wet with juices . Jan, on her daughter's left, rested her head on Brooke's shoulder and covered her daughter's other leg with her own right. Jan placed her hand on mine as I squeezed and rubbed Brooke's pussy. Brooke's left hand reached between my legs and not knowing quite what to do, she rested her hand there and squeezed lightly. She was breathing faster through her mouth. I turned slightly toward her and first kissed her cheek. She turned her head to me and kissed my mouth. Then we opened our mouths and hotly sucked each other's tongues as I pulled her panty crotch aside and placed my middle finger into her little pussy. I frigged her clit with my thumb, my middle finger firmly ensconced in her warm, wet hole. She humped at my hand and moaned into my mouth but I decided that she had fingered herself to orgasm already. I knew she needed my tongue. I untangled and sat up. Brooke's eyes flickered in surprise then realized as I lifted her leg that I was going to go down on her.Brooke held her breath as she waited, but not long. Between her legs, I parted her red bush to see the pink slit before me. I lowered my mouth and covered her pussy with it. I sucked in one side of her pussy lips and pulled, then the other. I reached into her hole with my tongue as far as I could go and tongue-fucked her. Her hands found my head and held on tightly. After toying with her cunt till she was whimpering I kissed her clit then sucked it gently into my mouth. Again I placed my middle finger to her cunt and finger-fucked as I sucked on her clit. Jan had sat up against the headboard, knees up, and watched me eat her daughter as she rubbed her own pussy with one hand and held tightly onto Brooke s head with the other. "Is it good, honey? Is it good? I told you you would like it and I knew Dot could be your first woman." Brooke turned her head to look up at her mother. "Oooooh m-mom, yes, it's soooo g-good!" I kept licking and sucking this young pussy and remembering my first time too. Claudia.....yes, so good. Brooke bucked and trembled under my mouth as she had her orgasm, her long thin legs wrapped around my neck. After we sat up on the edge of the bed and I kissed and hugged her. "Oh, Dot, that was marvelous! I want to do it again and again!" "Now don't get greedy, honey. We will do it again, but if you haven't noticed, it's noon already and I have tthings to do ." "Promise we'll do it again, Dot, promise!" She pleaded with me and again hugged and kissed me. "Yes, sweetie, we will." Then I whispered, "You can come and spend the night with me and Ted. I promise you'll love it." "Oooooh, I heard that!" said Jan. She was laying on her side watching us, her head resting on her elbow, slowly rubbing her pussy with her free hand. Later that afternoon my husband Ted came in the door with the usual, "Sweetheart! I'm home!" "Hi Ted, I'm in the kitchen." He came in and gave me a peck on the cheek and gave my buns a squeeze. I wiped my hands on the dishcloth then turn to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck. After a deep kiss, I said, "Wait till I tell you what happened next door today." "What? What happened? Did you get into Jan's pants? Well, did you?" I had discussed this possibility with Ted from the moment we met the neighbors. He knew about my bisexuality when we got married. I think that's one the reasons he wanted to marry me so much. "More than that. I had a threesome with Jan and Brooke!" "No shit? Did you really?" His eyes were wide with surprise and I could feel the growing bulge in his pants. I reached down to fondle it. Not the biggest cock I've ever had, but nice. He had seen me take the biggest cock I've ever had at a swing party. "Yeah, really. Jan came in and dragged me over there for coffee and one thing led to another. Next thing I know she's licking my pussy at the dining room table." "Wow! And Brooke? How did that happen?" "She was home all the time. Anyway, Jan and I ended up in her bed and Brooke had been watching us. Jan told her to join us. I guess she had talked to her a lot about sex and that Jan would help her get a shot at her first woman. And I was it." At this point I had to unzip his trousers and kneel down to get his cock out. It was a full eight inch hard-on and I put the head of it in my mouth and sucked on the head before taking half its length down my throat. "Oooh, fuck! Tell me, did you eat them both?" He loved hearing about my girl-girl adventures. Not that he hadn't been involved with a few me and I knew he would join me in fucking Jan together. He was going to blow his wad if I told him he had a date with me and Brooke. I stopped and stood up before he filled my mouth with his cum. "Jan and I did a great sixty-nine before Brooke came in. I did Brooke after that while Jan watched." I stroked his cock while I spoke. "I gave Brooke her first orgasm from another woman.""Oh fuck, that's hot! " I took the dishcloth and wrapped his cock in it and jerked him off standing up. I told that he was going to fuck her that weekend, and that was all he needed."Aaaaaah! Uh, uh, uuuuuh!" He twitched and humped into my hand. I bent over to finish him off. That evening I retold the morning' s events in greater detail and we had a memorable fuck for a Thursday evening. Ted always loved hearing the details.

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