She's So Involuntary That She Sucks Cock So She Doesn't Get Saturated Xxx

She's So Involuntary That She Sucks Cock So She Doesn't Get Saturated Xxx

Living near the ocean had its perks, as he liked to run early in the morning. It helped him wake up and feel energized, ready to conquer the day and all it had to throw at him. He never bothered with shoes when he ran along the beach, he hated the feeling of sand caught between his feet and the shoe, so he went without. This morning he didn't bother with a t-shirt or singlet of some sort, he ran down the beach bare chested, his golden curls bouncing in the wind, his toned chest and stomach for all to see, though very rarely was anyone else who lived along the beach awake this early. He never understood that. A beautiful place like this, and he was the only one who made the most of the gorgeous sunrise on the beach? It made zero sense to him. As he was running along the beach, admiring the changing colors of the sky and the ocean, he heard a noise. A beautiful noise. But that was it. It was just a noise. He wondered if he had heard correctly, wondered if he heard a noise at all. Meh, he thought, mentally shrugging his shoulders and not paying it much attention. But then he heard the noise again. It wasn't just a noise this time. He realized it was a tune. It was like something he had never heard before, it was so beautiful. Without even realizing it his feet had turned him around and were taking him in the direction of the beautiful voice. He was not aware of his lack of control of his body until he was closer to the beautiful sound. She had a full, round and melodic voice that sounded youthful and full of life. It was the voice of a young woman. He came nearer and watched her, closing his eyes and listening intently. If he died right now he would be a happy man, he wouldn't care. His life seemed all the more enriched and better for hearing this beautiful tune. She was leaning up on some rocks, in the shallows of the water. Her voice continued to carry him and walked nearer to her, not aware of himself anymore. Not aware of his own body, the only thing he was aware of were his eyes and the hauntingly beautiful tune they were hearing. He wasn't even aware of the dull pain underneath his bare feet as he walked over the rocks, some of the smaller, pointer stones hurting him, yet he did not feel pain. He felt nothing, only an odd sort of contented bliss at hearing the sweet tune. He walked near her some more. He nearly went off the edge of some of the larger rocks and into the water below, which made the girl laugh. She stopped singing and he stopped walking, suddenly in control of himself once more. As he scanned the girl in front of him, paying particular attention to her angelic, almost pure looking face, he looked down her body saw that she had a tail! What? he thought, suddenly exasperated. Oh no, no, no, this is not real. This is a dream. No. "What do they call you?" she asked in her sweet, melodic voice. "T-Thomas," he stuttered, standing stock still, his eyes wide with surprise and a slight horror. "Thom-as," she said, sounding out each syllable and exaggerating it. "Are you just Thom-as?" she asked, giggling. "I am Thomas Sanderson.""Hello Thomas the Sanderson.""No, no, Sanderson is my surname, not an epithet," he explained. "So, Thomas Sanderson who bears no epithet, where are you from?" she asked."My house is back up there," he said, pointing vaguely in the general direction of where he came from. "Smyrna Beach," he mumbled. He still couldn't believe that was talking to an actual mermaid. At least she seemed real to him, if not then this girl was doing a very convincing job in her costume. The girl had long, long light blue hair that held rivulets and droplets of water in it, that sparkled in the early morning sun. Her skin, while pale, held an almost mauve tint to it. Her eyes were a bright, gold color, very clear and alluring. It seemed as if this girl had known only happiness and loving memories, as if she had seen no badness or wrongdoings. The scales on her tail were silver and sparkly in the sun, and the fins of her tail were dark green, but were translucent enough that he could see the water rolling underneath them where her tail rested just above the water. "Are you real?" he asked her, fighting the urge to rub his eyes and see if she was still in front of him afterwards. "I am real, and this is not a dream," she answered, in regards to his earlier thoughts, which gave him cause for disquiet once more. "If you closed your eyes and then opened them, I would still be here. I am very real Thomas Sanderson." As if to demonstrate how real she was, she turned around and swooped underneath the water, her tail coming up and then going back down again. Thomas walked closer to the edge of the rocks and saw her gracefully gliding below. She came back up and broke the surface, smiling cheekily. She leaned her arms back up on the rocks as she had done earlier and Thomas noticed that underneath her long hair, he could see her breasts and hard little nipples in between the tendrils of now damp hair. He went and sat down where the rocks were flattest and where the water was slightly deeper so he could dangle his legs and feet in the cool water as he was only now aware of some of the sharper rocks and stones digging into his feet. "What is your name?" he asked her, relishing the feeling of the cool water lapping at his legs and soothing his feet. "What do you go by?""I am Kassia," she said. "Kassia? Very pretty," he praised, although he didn't know what names mermaids or water creatures usually went by. Speaking of which...
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....... "Are you a mermaid?" he asked. "Or some other creature of the water? You're not a Siren are you? You won't shipwreck me and lead me to my death?"Kassia giggled. "Fear not, Thomas Sanderson. I am no Siren. I am from the family of water nymphs, better known as mermaids to you mortals.""Why have I not seen you before? Where did you come from?" Thomas questioned. "I have been here. I've been watching you Thomas Sanderson. You have beautiful form when you run. Adonis would be proud. Or jealous. I cannot decide which," giggled Kassia. "Adonis? Thank you, I suppose," he replied, still not believing what was unfolding in front of him. He was actually talking to a mermaid. A mermaid!"You fascinate me. Thomas Sanderson.""How so?" he asked. "Your form when you run. Your quiet determination. Even when you are tired, you still run and push yourself to the limit." Kassia went closer to Thomas and placed a delicate hand across his shorts, running the slender fingers over the slight bulge that was slowly growing at her touch. Placing her left hand on the waistband of his shorts, she pulled that down and as she did, with her other hand she gripped his hardening manhood and released that from it's confines. It sat there sort of between the two of them, half hard and bobbing ever so slightly in the soft early morning breeze. With a gentle hand Kassia gripped it and moved the foreskin back, exposing the large head of Thomas' cock. She moved her hand back and forth ever so slightly as his cock continued to harden in her grip. Thomas exhaled loudly and with appreciation, and Kassia looked up at him with her pure gold eyes. Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth. First the head, sucking gently on it and flicking her tongue over the little slit. Thomas moaned and bucked his hips forward slightly, pushing more of himself into her mouth. Kassia smiled around his cock and slowly took more of it into her mouth, her tongue flat against the underside. She took it so far and then slid it out of her mouth, moving her hands up and down the length. Millions of thoughts were running through Thomas' head. How is she so good at this? Am I the first human she has done this with? Is she even real? Am I actually receiving oral sex from a mermaid, or a water nymph or Nereid or whatever it is that she is? There was one underlying theme to his thoughts that he kept coming back to, and that was to sit back and enjoy the attentions of the mermaid or Nereid or the water nymph. Just enjoy, he thought.So enjoy he did, leaning back slightly, his hands behind him and his hips forward with her hands and mouth wrapped around it. She licked the length of it, leaving a trail of saliva across it. She lifted it up slightly and lowered her head, paying attention to his balls, which she licked and sucked. Thomas groaned loudly as a wave of pleasure shot through him. Kassia focused her attentions once more on his cock, sliding it into her mouth. When she had half of it in her mouth she closed her lips around it and made a suction, which was tight, warm and wet. Thomas closed his eyes and moaned appreciatively, letting the feeling consume him. Kassia took more of the mortal in her mouth and, wanting to please him very much, she swallowed and took him down her throat. Thomas' eyes widened with the pleasurable sensations and he almost came then and there, but he managed to hold off and enjoy what was happening. But for how much longer he could hold off, he did not know. He placed one hand on the back of her head and slowly thrust his hips into her mouth, the sound of Kassia gagging mixing in with the sounds of the early morning on Smyrna Beach. Kassia held onto Thomas' thighs to give herself more leverage while she brought this task almost to completion, which she was happily awaiting. With his other hand Thomas squeezed and tugged her nipples, which were hard and visible to him through the tendrils of pale blue hair. Kassia sighed around the cock in her mouth and hoped that it would not be long now. Thomas, drowning under wave after wave of pleasure, found his release, which he gladly gave Kassia's throat. There was a lot of it also, and some of it dribbled down the sides of her mouth and into the water below, where she had been leaning. Kassia took the time to clean his cock off, lovingly licking up everything and then gently tucking him back away inside his shorts. "Well, that was quite fun," she said, grinning mischievously. "Thank you," Thomas said, not knowing what else to say, though thank you seemed rather weak after what had just transpired between them. Kassia looked up at Thomas with her pure gold eyes, kissed her fingertips and placed them on his mouth. "Goodbye Thomas Sanderson who bears no epithet." She started to turn around and made to swim away, but her upper-body stayed above the water. "Wait!" cried Thomas watching her leave. "Will I see you again?" But then she was gone. She dived under the water and disappeared. When Thomas woke up he his head was spinning, his thoughts running a thousand miles an hour. He slowly swung his half naked body out of bed, trying to steady himself and his thoughts. He went to the bathroom next door to the bedroom, ran some water and splashed his face with the cool liquid. Looking at his reflection in the mirror he saw a faint, pale mauve print on his lips and right cheek. Looking down at his thighs he saw the same mauve marks again, sparkling a silvery color in the early morning light that was coming in through the window. 

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