Xxl Movies With A Mature And Hairy Japanese Horny And Fucked

Xxl Movies With A Mature And Hairy Japanese Horny And Fucked

Hi this is Betty, sister of Doamaneque and need to tell you my story after I arrived at Rachel’s.   Since I did not say much about myself I am 16 years old and just started filling out in the breast department.   To have just so recently getting out of my little girl training bra and filling a size 32DD bra, just like they grew over night.   My weight 96 pounds, height just a merely 4’8”. My pussy was still messing my panties as I stood at the door ringing the door bell at Rachel’s.   We would have the house to ourselves tonight since her parents were at a Military Ball and had told her that they would stay a a hotel tonight since they were positive that   they both would do a lot of drinking tonight and that they did not want to risk getting drunk driving.   Rachel finally opened the front door. There she was standing with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. As I began the impossible task of removing my shoes on shaking legs since Rachel’s parents were Korean you just did not enter a house wearing your shoes I watched Emily walking down the hallway through the living room. She was trying to keep the towel wrapped around her as she was talking to me over her shoulder. “Do you want anything to drink?”, she called back as she entered the kitchen. “I’ll have whatever you are drinking”, I shouted as I tried to keep my balance while trying to unbuckle my sandal. I heard her bustling around the kitchen when I finally freed myself from my shoes. I tiptoed down the hall , feeling the juices dripping from my pussy from what Doamaneque and I had done earlier. I reached the kitchen door and saw that Rachel‘s back was to me. In my aroused state I just stood there and stared, taking in the view of her bubble ass that she was unaware of that each time that she bent over I was given a shot of her ass crack and the hairs that covered her pussy mound. She had such a gorgeous body. She was average height, quite athletic and took part in many school sports and her figure benefited for it. There was hardly an inch of fat or her toned body, that is excluding her breasts which were the biggest out of all my friends. I had been highly jealous of them for years. When I first met her in first year she was already a busty 34B. Now I swear she must have been at least a E! Thankfully over the years I had filled out to a 32DD but it had been a long time coming! I had been contemplating all of this in my mind without noticing she had turned around and I was staring straight at her boobs. She just could not hold onto the towel and hand me my drink plus hold hers. Right there I could see that her nipples were as long as a pencil eraser and that her pussy mound was covered with a small patch of hair like most Korean’s had. There was a long pause before she said; “Here’s your drink, its coke and rum.” Mom and dad will never know I had a friend buy it for us. I snapped back to reality, apologized and we began chatting about the latest gossip. After about an hour and a few more drinks down between us while sitting on the couch Rachel suggested we go to her room and continued our conversation in bed. I rummaged through my bag in the hall pulling out most of its contents to find I had left my pajamas at home. Domaneque had help me pack. I called up to Rachel, who had already gone upstairs to get changed, and asked did she have any spare. She called me up and I entered her bedroom. She was half changed when I came in, wearing long pajama bottoms and a bra, and searching through her drawers for something. “There!” she exclaimed as she threw something at my face. I examined the object to find it was an old lacy pink baby doll top. It had spaghetti string straps and a low scooping neck line and ended to where I guessed would be my mid-thigh. Where are the panties that go with this?   They got ruined by my aunt flow.   Those of you that don’t know sometimes aunt flow is a girls period. “I’m not wearing this!” I pouted. Rachel gave me a stern look before replying; “ I begrudgingly shuffled into the bathroom to change. I knew that I would not win when Rachel acted like that. Sighing I stripped down removing my panties that were still wet and “dammit” the crouch was coated and wet. Here I am at my best friend house and still horny as fuck.   I put the crotch of my panties in my mouth and sucked my own juices off as I rubbed my clit that was still fucking sensitive from earlier. It did not take me long to have a small orgasm in my best friends parent bathroom.     I tried on the top that Rachel had handed me and my boobs would not stay inside.   That kept me completely exposes and each time the material ran across my nipple I was having little mini orgasms.   I could not surely sleep in something like this.   This would never do Rachel would have to find something just a little less revealing for me to wear tonight or as she said that I could always go with out.   And the way that my pussy was dripping I may have to just do that. I found her applying her face cream gently in her mirror. Her slow deliberate movements had me spellbound and once again I found myself staring at her. She caught my eye in the mirror and spun around to face me. “Well, well! Look who can not fill out a top. But I see that something is causing those nipples to stick out like a proud American. Rachel?   Look there is no way that I can sleep in something like this tonight suppose your parents come back early and here I am asleep and my breast are hanging out for your mom or dad to see? “Ok, look, if it bothers you that much you can sleep naked and I will make sure that the door is locked so that mom or dad has to knock.   Will that work for you?   To make things right between us I will sleep naked also.   As she stands up reaching for the ties of her pajamas untying and start pulling her pajamas down her hips hastily. Now are you satisfied?   I did not respond at the moment.   My best friend pussy lips were hanging down from her pussy mound. Mines did not hang that long.   They looked so beautiful hanging their. I was startled when she said. What’s that as I saw that her eyes were glued and her finger pointing down between my legs?   Did you wipe when you wet pee pee?   I was so engrossed at looking at Rachel I was not aware that my pussy juices had been coating my legs and running down my thighs. For your information I am a clean girl and yes I did wipe my pussy when I went to the bathroom.   At least for the moment Rachel thought that it was pee.   The shocker was that Rachel walked up to me and ran her finger between my slit.   I don’t believe you she said as I felt her finger touch my clit. All that I could do now was close my eyes and lean my head back with a hush moan escaping my lips. “Well?” “You taste stunning hunny! Just fucking delicious baby!” I felt a gush of fluid run down my thighs. Rachel’s cheeks were turning red and the look of lust appeared in her eyes. With the same passion between us our lips pressed together once again not just our lips buts our tongues exploring one another mouth. Rachel was taking the lead for sure as I could feel her hands rubbing between my slit making me moan on her tongue. I had not even attempted to touch her body yet.   I felt as if I was putty in her hands and that I had no fight in me to do anything.   I did not want to resist in any way her kiss was doing wonderful thin
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gs to my body. Our tongues were still fighting in each other mouth, but I could feel Rachel pushing me backwards as soon I found that my knees were touching the end of her bed.   Our kiss broke and Rachel looked in my eyes and said in a whisper I want to eat your as she removed her fingers form the hole of mu pussy and thrust them deep into her mouth and started sucking my goo from her fingers. There was surely a strange smell in the room that was exotic.   Rachel pushed me back onto her bed and dropped between my legs.     Then I knew I needed to ask her that important question. It has been something that had been nagging me for a while. “Rachel? Remember when you were in the shower after cheerleading last week? I saw you washing Ann’s back and she turned to you kissed you right their in the shower? Well I was talking to Debra and she said that it was more than an innocent kiss because she had seen that you actually you two do that all the time and well what I’m trying to get at is are you Lesbian?” There was a moment of silence. “I meant if you are that’s no problem with me I wont think any less of you as you are my best friend! I would be the first to admit to having some strange things and had strange thoughts lately, sometimes even about my mother and my sister I was just thinking if you are, Lesbian I mean, then maybe you could like use me to see if you really do like girls because I think you’re really hot and I’ll try anything once and…” My rambling was stopped by Rachel when she pulled my legs apart and ran her tongue over my throbbing clit. At first I was surprised but I soon found myself wanting more of Rachel’s soft lips and probing tongue. After a few teasing licks Rachel climbed next to me on the bed and began caressing my face and shoulders. I felt her hand find my hard nipple as she kissed her way down my neck. As she raised her hand again she took mines and placed it on her nipple as I felt her coming closer to my rock hard nipples. She tweaked and rubbed my right nipple first then switched hands and moved to my left nipple. She maintained a tight grip of my hair with her free hand making it very difficult to squirm away form her as she bit down on my nipple. The rubbing and biting had my nipples at full attention and she pulled me in close to feel them against her large breasts. I could feel her swollen nipple rubbing against my hand which without being told rubbed her nipple against mines. Her breasts seemed even larger up close and free. Her dark pink areolas contrasted with the light tan of her skin. My earlier wish came true as she pushed my head down so my mouth reached the top of her nipple. I eagerly took it in my mouth and began to suck gently. I caught the tip gently between my teeth and she moaned in approval. I continued sucking more feverously while teasing her other nipple with my fingers. Nothing delighted me more than feeling her big soft breast against my skin and knowing that I was exciting her. I kneaded her entire breast like dough until she was nearly screaming with delight. I bit down harder on her nipple and she let out a yelp. “Ouch! Betty.   Not so hard baby. You’ll have to be punished for that!” she said with a grin. She flipped me onto my back and lay down on top of me.   Her pussy mound pressing down and up close, ramming against mines.   Her sharp hairs scratching at my expose clit that was now sticking out from under its hood and in need. Her breasts were pressing down hard on my chest and as she kissed me I found it difficult to catch my breath. She continued pressing down and kissing me all over my body at a faster rate until I was gasping and begging for her to stop. She dragged herself down my body until she reached my parted thighs. She put a finger between my slit.   She knelt on the bed and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and raised my wet leaking pussy to her needy mouth. I tried to squirm but her grip was too strong and she soon had her tongue in my wet little hole. She lapped greedily at my juices ignoring my moans of protest. She licked deliberately up my pussy to find my clit once again. Before I could let a sound escape my lips she had clamped her teeth around it and sucked down hard and inserted a finger in my vacant ass. I let out a long moan of satisfaction and she sucked harder and jabbed at my sensitive clit with her tongue. Now there was no reluctance in my moans. I wanted to scream out my sister’s name as I knew that my body was near another big orgasm. Just as I reached the edge she pulled back and I immediately went to push my clit back to her mouth but she held me firm as I was humping the air. “Do you want to cum?” She knew that she really did not need me to answer that question by the way my body was reacting no she didn’t need an answer, she could see the desperation in my eyes but I groaned anyway. “Say you would love to eat your sister’s pussy and that you will do it for me and you are my slut and you love to cum real hard with your sister with me watching” she commanded. Tell me what a slut you are and how you want me to eat your pussy and watch you eat your sister.   Tell me you want to eat your sister slut.   Please, Please let me eat my sister.   Yes slut you Peeping Betty slut, looking at your sister and getting your pussy wet as you look at her, watch her by hiding you nasty slut.   Do you see your sister fucking her pussy slut?   Yes, yes. Please cum, please I want to cum for you and my sister.   I want to eat my sister till she fills my belly with her juices. Oh please Domaneque I want you I need you Domaneque.   “Yes slut look, watch your sister lick her fingers you wanting them in your mouth”. Yes you slut fucking your own wet filthy pussy as she fucks herself slut. Yes, yes.   Did you peep on your sister today slut?   Yes, yes. Oh God Please.   Did you like it slut?   Yes, please. Let me cum.   Did you like watching her slut? Oh my god, please Rachel.   Did you huh? Yes I watched as I could feel my hips lifting up off the bed.   My pussy was out of control.   Rachel was drawing my thoughts out of me.   Do you want your sister to eat you slut?   Please Rachel no, please I can’t stand it.   Tell me slut Do You Want Your Sister to eat you? I did not want to respond. She was asking so much and I wanted to cum do badly.   Do you?   Rachel applied more pressure to my clit. Such a damn fucking torture to my body my clit throbbing.   Answer or no cumming slut! Yes she has my sister ate me before coming over here. Please Rachel I am a slut.   Cum now Rachel please oh please Rachel.   “I am a slut and I’ll do all that you ask of me and everything with my sister my mother if you pleeeease make me cum!” “I will only make you cum if you promise to be my Peeeping Betty slut slave and let me fuck you and use you as I see fit as well as your sister” “I promise I will be you’re slut slave and I will let you fuck me use me as you see fit! Now please let me cum!” I could feel my teeth clinching. Satisfied Rachel rammed two fingers into my leaking hole, two fingers in my ass and bit down on my clit. I screamed as the first wave of my orgasm rushed all over my body. Little did I know I would soon regret those words famous words of as she saw fit’.  

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